Mike Sherzan Launches Campaign, Mowrer Releases More Endorsements

The Democrats’ race for the 3rd District nomination got a little more crowded today as West Des Moines businessman Mike Sherzan jumped into the race. Sherzan ran briefly for the seat back in 2013, and has been considering a new campaign for several months. We spoke with him on his thoughts for the 3rd last month.

“My parents raised four children on my father’s salary as a salesman,” Sherzan said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “He taught us that if we worked hard, we could succeed. But today, many hardworking Iowa families are struggling to keep up. We need leaders in Congress who have the knowledge and experience to make our economy work for the middle class.”

Sherzan was raised on the east side of Des Moines, and spent the last three decades running his own small business, a financial services firm that operates several investments and securities businesses. He has a campaign website set up, with some thoughts on several issues, including retirement security, clean energy jobs, college affordability and middle class help.

He will join a 3rd District race with two other Democrats looking for the chance to take on first-term Republican David Young. Jim Mowrer and Desmund Adams announced their bids earlier this year.

Mowrer released to Starting Line a new list of endorsements from the district and around the state, likely to demonstrate his lead in grassroots support around the district. That will likely be a big factor in this race – both Mowrer and Sherzan should raise real money to compete, with Sherzan’s apparent ability to self-finance at least some of his campaign. But Sherzan isn’t that well-known in local Democratic circles, while Mowrer has been working the district for months, and is remembered by many activists for his race against Steve King.

This is the list of the new Mowrer endorsements:

  • Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines of Des Moines
  • Rep. John Forbes of Urbandale
  • United Transportation Union
  • Don Ruby of Warren County- Democratic Party State Central Committee
  • Warren Woods of Union County, Mayor of Creston
  • Donna Crum of Glenwood- Democratic Chair, Mills County
  • Former 1st District Congressional candidate Ravi Patel


by Pat Rynard
Posted 12/16/15

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