Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Republicans (November)

After months of several candidates’ rises and falls, the final picture of caucus night is starting to come into focus. A top tier of four candidates has emerged, composed of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, with Carson the shakiest of the bunch. It’s unclear whether any of the remaining hopefuls can climb their way up. Here’s Starting Line’s ranking of the Republicans’ chances for the Iowa Caucus as the month of November closes out: 1. Ted Cruz Ted Cruz will win the Iowa Caucus. He, more than any other candidate (yes, even Trump), has a finger […]

Sunday Grab Bag: PP Attack, Loebsack Refugee Vote, Caucus Decisions

Good morning readers! Starting Line is back after a couple days off for the Thanksgiving holiday and to attend to newly-arrived Baby Starting Line. We’re now looking at the final two month sprint heading to the Iowa Caucus on February 1st. In these next two months, Starting Line will be getting back to some basics that served us well early on. I’ll be posting Sunday Grab Bags and Monday Power Rankings on a regular basis once again. I’d gotten away from the power rankings for a few months as there simply weren’t enough races with new developments that often to […]