Early Scenes At Drake For The Democratic Debate

Drake University and Iowa Democrats are getting ready for the big event on campus in Des Moines today. The second Democratic presidential debate is tonight, hosted by CBS News, KCCI, the Des Moines Register and Twitter. The day, however, has taken on a more somber tone in the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last night. The questions asked and strategies of the candidates tonight are likely undergoing changes right now.

Starting Line has been roaming Drake’s campus for much of this week, taking in the spectacle and talking with students about the excitement surrounding the hosting of a nationally televised Democratic debate. Drake hosted debates in the past, but none were as high-stakes as tonight is, considering how few debates are scheduled this cycle.

Here are some of our photos from today and earlier in the week:

Drake’s Sheslow auditorium has been transformed into a debate stage. One can only imagine the amount of money spent by the sponsors to create all this:

Drake Debate 12

Drake Debate 11

Drake Debate 14

The moderators’ chairs and the screens on their desks:

Drake Debate 15

Drake Debate 16

Most importantly, the timer:

Drake Debate 10

Here’s what the candidates will see looking out into the auditorium:

Drake Debate 35

Here’s Martin O’Malley’s podium:

Drake Debate 34

The setup for the debate has been going on all week, with huge trailers set up all over campus:

Drake Debate 37

It sounded like the campaigns were originally going to stage another round of large sign wars today. After the events last night in Paris, it sounds like things are being scale back with no rallies. Some O’Malley cars are parked along the street, but that’s about it:

Drake Debate 36

Each campaign has chalked the sidewalks on campus heavily for their candidate (O’Malley’s put many turtles around campus, reference his slow-but-steady campaign):

Drake Debate 32 Drake Debate 27 Drake Debate 24

A Pancakes and Politics event was held on campus this morning. Each campaign set up tables and talked with students. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz did a Q&A there:

Drake Debate 3 Drake Debate 7

Students wrote on a board the issues that are important to them:

Drake Debate 8

Students and staff from each campaign spoke with students:

Drake Debate 4 Drake Debate 5

Griff the Bulldog, Drake’s live mascot this year made an appearance. He is also announcing his run for President:

Drake Debate 31

Drake Debate 33

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz has been around campus and Des Moines a lot the last two days. She held a round table on issues affecting working families yesterday:

Drake Debate 1 Drake Debate 2

Last night the Make It Works issue group held a free event in the Marriott Hotel downtown, talking up their issue of equal pay. Donna Brazile stopped by:

Drake Debate 29

The Drake Democrats got together yesterday to make signs for the debate, which IDP chair Andy McGuire dropped by. Many of them have gotten special opportunities to help with either the debate preparation or the earlier Yahoo News event:

Drake Debate 26 Drake debate 28

Tons of media are obviously in town for the event:

Drake Debate 23

Here’s the press file room Starting Line will be spending most of the day in:

Drake Debate 41

Earlier in the week Drake students were treated to both a Yahoo News Digital Democracy day-long forum, and an NPR taping that brought in a group of students and professors to discuss youth voting:

Drake Debate 40 Drake Debate 39

That’s all for now, watch us on Twitter for tonight’s debate and check in tomorrow for our recap and analysis.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 11/14/15

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