Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Republicans (November)

After months of several candidates’ rises and falls, the final picture of caucus night is starting to come into focus. A top tier of four candidates has emerged, composed of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, with Carson the shakiest of the bunch. It’s unclear whether any of the remaining hopefuls can climb their way up. Here’s Starting Line’s ranking of the Republicans’ chances for the Iowa Caucus as the month of November closes out: 1. Ted Cruz Ted Cruz will win the Iowa Caucus. He, more than any other candidate (yes, even Trump), has a finger […]

Sunday Grab Bag: PP Attack, Loebsack Refugee Vote, Caucus Decisions

Good morning readers! Starting Line is back after a couple days off for the Thanksgiving holiday and to attend to newly-arrived Baby Starting Line. We’re now looking at the final two month sprint heading to the Iowa Caucus on February 1st. In these next two months, Starting Line will be getting back to some basics that served us well early on. I’ll be posting Sunday Grab Bags and Monday Power Rankings on a regular basis once again. I’d gotten away from the power rankings for a few months as there simply weren’t enough races with new developments that often to […]

Caucus For Kids, Group Urges Candidates And Voters

Guest Post from Every Child Matters Children are twenty-three percent of our population yet one hundred percent of our future. Decisions made today are critical to their success later in life. As voters, we should take our responsibility seriously to assure our next President would support the opportunity for all kids to achieve the American Dream. Some startling statistics about Iowa’s future: 1 in 6 Iowa kids live in poverty; In 2013, 40% of Iowa kids were eligible for free and reduced lunch; 76% of Iowa’s kids under the age of 6 have all available parents in the workforce meaning […]

A Day In The Life Of A Martin O’Malley Field Organizer

Most people’s idea of a fun 21st birthday celebration probably doesn’t entail working from sunrise to midnight and getting serenaded by your guitar-playing boss in front of all your co-workers and friends. But if you’re an Iowa Caucus field organizer, that’s actually a perk of the job, with a former governor running for president leading a crowd of hundreds in singing you “Happy Birthday” right before the biggest, most exciting night of the campaign. That’s how Jordan Sabine, a Polk County field staffer for Martin O’Malley, spent her coming-of-age birthday last month, at the campaign’s rally outside Veterans Auditorium in […]

Labor Movement Rallies For Hillary Clinton In Primary

Hillary Clinton scored a major victory this past week by gaining the endorsement of SEIU, the healthcare workers union that represents over 2 million workers. That bumped the total membership of unions backing her candidacy to nearly 11 million. With the endorsements of 14 labor unions so far, including the heavyweights of AFSCME, the NEA and SEIU, Clinton has dominated the race for labor support. Most notably, several unions on her list either back Obama or Edwards in 2008, or stayed neutral. Clinton touts a shared agenda with the labor movement, and her campaign highlights her 94% lifetime voting record […]

Sanders Sweeps Iowa Youth Caucus, O’Malley Strong, Clinton In 3rd (With A Caveat)

Young Iowans around the state were “feeling the Bern” Thursday night at mock caucuses held jointly by Democratic and Republican county parties and the Secretary of State’s office. Sanders took over half of the delegates in the Democrats’ contest, while O’Malley posted a strong second place. Clinton failed to reach viability in several counties. The full statewide results for Democrats were: Sanders: 52.74% O’Malley: 24.09% Clinton: 14.74% Uncommitted: 8.43% However, and this is a big however, it’s notable that all students – Democrats, Republican and independents – participated in both the Democratic and Republican caucus. So one could obviously see […]

Iowa Democrats Must Build A Deeper Bench. Here’s Some Ideas

Guest Post Bench Building Problem Democrats. The party of the young and idealistic. The party that looks toward the future and not the past. The party with policies to help the struggling 20 and 30-something’s get a job, buy a house, and start a family. The party which builds its campaign structure from the vigor and enthusiasm of dozens of young, hardworking paid staffers, fellows, and volunteers. Democrats. The party with less total people elected under the age of 40 in the Iowa Legislature compared to the Republicans. The party which has a frustratingly hard time building the bench. The […]

Bye Bye, Bobby. Cruz In The Driver’s Seat Now

And then there were 14. Or 13, depending on how you’re counting. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ended his campaign for the Republican nomination on Tuesday, saying it was clear that 2016 simply was “not his time.” Jindal had seen some upward movement recently in Iowa, but it was much too little, too late to think he could catch fire and become a national contender. Jindal made a competent effort in Iowa this cycle, spending 74 days here since 2012, one of the most frequent Iowa Caucus visitors. Jindal started in the basement in Iowa polls earlier this year, back when […]

Steve King’s 2016 Pick Would Damage 4th District’s Economy Most

Congressman Steve King’s endorsement of Ted Cruz for the Iowa Caucus yesterday morning didn’t come as too shocking a surprise. With Cruz gaining the most traction of any of the Tea Party/evangelical Republicans, Iowa’s conservative leaders have gravitated toward backing the Texas Senator in hopes of uniting that wing of the party for caucus night. King’s own son joined one of the Cruz Super PACs this summer, and Cruz and King hunted together recently in Northwest Iowa. “[Cruz] has an unmatched intellect grounded in constitutionalism, the rule of law, and American exceptionalism,” King said in endorsing Cruz. “He knows how […]

Here Comes The Hatred. GOP Race Erupts Post-Paris

The reverberations of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris continue to spread across the world and, predictably, quickly washed upon the shores of the U.S. presidential race. If the first few days worth of reactions are any indication, the Republican presidential campaign is about to get a lot more mean-spirited. Republican leaders nearly immediately aimed their rhetoric at refugees, their first proposals focused on limiting or banning frightened Syrians fleeing the terrorist maniacs that are destroying their country. Multiple Republican governors came out on Monday declaring their state will refuse all Syrian refugees (never mind that it’s unconstitutional for individual […]