Leading Iowa Democrats Lining Up Behind Jim Mowrer

Influential Democrats seem to increasingly see Jim Mowrer as the most formidable candidate to take on freshman Republican Congressman David Young in the 3rd District. His campaign is releasing a number of new endorsers, shared early with Starting Line, many of which are well-known names to Democratic activists.

Former Lt. Governor Sally Pederson, former Planned Parenthood of the Heartland president Jill June, former Congressman Berkeley Bedell and State Senator Dick Dearden are all making their support of Mowrer public. That adds to a list that already includes Representatives Bruce Hunter and Charlie McConkey, Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney and Linda Nelson, one of six county party chairs who have endorsed Mowrer. He also has the backing of some notable Democratic leaders outside the district, including Representatives Abby Finkenauer and Todd Prichard, along with Sue and Senator Bob Dvorsky.

“Jim’s service both in Iraq and at the Pentagon, plus his experiences as the father of a child with serious health challenges will make him an effective voice in Congress beginning on day one,” Pederson said in a press release. “Jim will wake up every day and fight for the working men and women of the 3rd Congressional District.”

The new slate of prominent backers should help Mowrer signal to important donors that he has the inside track to the 3rd District nomination. More importantly for him, it may ice any potential challengers still thinking about getting into the race.

However, when it comes to raw vote totals, endorsements obviously don’t always bring a lot of people with them. As Starting Line speaks with activists around the Des Moines metro, we find a lot of Democrats interested in Desmund Adams’ campaign, though few have made a final decision yet. Adams has been working the district for months now, speaking often at Democratic gatherings. And many of those people say they don’t know Mowrer that well, who ran in the 4th District last year against Steve King.

So while Iowa’s political insiders followed Mowrer’s race closely in 2014 and came away impressed with his campaign organization and fundraising abilities, he still has some work to do to introduce himself to the primary-goers of the 3rd District.

Here’s a full list of his endorsements so far:

3rd District

Lt. Governor Sally Pederson of Des Moines
Sen. Dick Dearden of Des Moines
Rep. Bruce Hunter of Des Moines
Rep. Charlie McConkey of Council Bluffs
Mary Maloney of Des Moines – Polk County Treasurer
Jill June of Ankeny – Former President, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
Steve Shelley of Stuart – Adair County Supervisor
Linda Nelson of Council Bluffs – Democratic Chair, Pottawattamie County
Kathy Miller of Panora – Democratic Chair, Guthrie County
Jason Frerichs of Red Oak – Democratic Chair, Montgomery County
Brian Kingsolver of Shenandoah – Democratic Chair, Fremont County
Jennifer Herrington of Clarinda – Democratic Chair, Page County
Paula Martinez of Carlisle – Democratic Party State Central Committee
Jennifer Lunsford of Windsor Heights – Democratic Party State Central Committee
Kimberly Boggus of Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Affirmative Action Chair


Jan Bauer – Iowa Democratic National Committee Member
Rep. Berkley Bedell – Former Congressman Iowa’s 6th District
Sue Dvorsky – Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
Sen. Bob Dvorsky
Rep. Abby Finkenauer
Bill Hanes – Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee
Ron Healey – Iowa Democratic Party Veteran’s Caucus Chair
Rep. Todd Prichard


by Pat Rynard
Posted 9/20/15

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