Senator Rich Taylor Is Martin O’Malley’s First Iowa Legislator Endorsement

Update 9/8: The O’Malley campaign released a list of 17 Iowa endorsements the day after Labor Day, framing it as part of their entrance into a new phase of campaigning in the Iowa Caucus. A handful of these names were already known from a while ago (well, to me anyway), but there’s several important new ones. Senator Rich Taylor joins Representative Dan Kelley as his first two endorsers from the Iowa Legislature. Nathan Blake, an Assistant A.G., school board member and well-known Des Moines Democrat is now on board. So is Bev Strayhall, one of Eastern Iowa’s most important activists.

“As the campaign heads into the Fall season and Iowans begin to pay more attention to the presidential race following Labor Day, O’Malley continues to gain momentum on the ground,” the campaign said in a press release. “With overflow crowds on college campuses, increasing endorsements from community leaders who know how to organize caucuses, and a commitment to one-on-one conversations with Iowans around the state – O’Malley is building a caucus campaign from the grassroots up.”

Rich Taylor, Iowa State Senator

Dan Kelley, Iowa State Representative

Berkley Bedell, Former US Congressman

Joe Judge, Monroe County Chair

Mary Hoyer, Henry County Chair

Carol Gordon, Grundy County Chair

Donna Crum, Mills County Chair

Melinda Jones, Wapello County Chair

Larry Hodgden, Cedar County Chair

Bev Strayhall, Scott County Vice Chair

Nathan Blake, School Board Member

John Murphy, Dubuque County Recorder

Steve Seigel, Wapello County Supervisor

Kim Boggus, IDP State Central Committee Member and Affirmative Action Officer

Julie Stewart, IDP State Central Committee Member

Edgar Ortiz, School Board Candidate and Latino community activist*** (see update)

Mary Burke, Member of SEIU

Update 9/8 2:45: Edgar Ortiz says in a statement he didn’t authorize the campaign to use his name:

“Edgar Ortiz, candidate for Des Moines School Board has not authorized the release of his name as an endorser of former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley for President. Mr. Ortiz will support the Democratic nominee chosen by AFSCME’s International Executive Board and members.”

Update again 9/8 3:05: Campaign says they talked with him multiple times, including this morning, and even had a video filmed of him:

Whatever, I think I give up on this story.

Earlier story from 9/7: Martin O’Malley picked up his first Iowa legislative endorsement on Labor Day, as Senator Rich Taylor officially announced he is backing the former Maryland Governor. He made public his support earlier in the day at a Labor Day event in Keokuk, and sent out an official release this afternoon. While Hillary Clinton has racked up an impressive list of early backers from the Iowa Senate and Iowa House, this marks the first non-Clinton endorsement from the Iowa Legislature, and should help give the underdog O’Malley some more legitimacy in his effort to present himself as the electable alternative to Clinton in the Iowa Caucus.

Taylor was first elected to the State Senate in 2012, lives in Mt. Pleasant and represents Lee and Henry counties in Southeast Iowa. He’s an AFSCME member and works at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Ft. Madison. Taylor’s endorsement on Labor Day is of particular note as he’s one of the more well-connected legislators in Iowa’s labor community. The announcement came as Clinton was speaking in Burlington at the Des Moines/Henry County Labor Day picnic.

Senator Taylor’s release on his endorsement:

Today September 8th 2015, Labor Day, Iowa State Senator Rich Taylor announced his endorsement of Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Martin O’ Malley.

Senator Taylor stated; “ After countless hours of deliberation and researching all the candidates I feel that Governor O’Malley’s proven leadership qualities will move America into a bright new future and are far and away above all other candidates.”

Martin, after taking control of Baltimore as Mayor while the city was in dire peril and then moving forward to become Governor of the State of Maryland, turning around the downward spiral there as well, has the proven leadership America seeks for a new tomorrow.

Taylor acknowledged, “We are blessed to have so many fine Presidential candidates. I believe Governor O’Malley sets himself apart from the others with his well thought-out vision of a bright new future for America. A future where all people living in this great land of ours are important and all are part of the solution not part of the problem.”

“I believe Martin has the youth to appeal to younger Americans, our future, as well as the respect and trust of those of us in the older generation and in all ethnic groups. He is the Democratic candidate I believe we must move forward to November 2016 and elect as our next President of the United States of America,” Senator Taylor said.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 9/7/15

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