Jim Mowrer Launches 3rd District Run

Democrats now have two candidates in the 3rd District Congressional race to oust Republican David Young. Jim Mowrer announced this morning he’s launching his own candidacy for the seat, having previously run last year against Steve King.

“With encouragement from folks across the district, family and friends, I am proud and enthusiastic to announce my campaign for the 3rd Congressional District,” said Mowrer in a press release. “Congress isn’t working. What we need is leadership willing to put Iowa’s middle class before parties and politics – that’s exactly why I’m running and what I’ll do.”

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Mowrer cited the recent passing of Beau Biden, a good friend of his from his time in Iraq, as part of the impetus for a run.

Some may raise an eyebrow at Mowrer for running in the 3rd less than a year out from being the Democrats’ 4th District candidate. However, he has owned a home in Des Moines for seven years and Boone isn’t that far away. Plus, it’s not like it’s unheard of for a 20-something Iowa family to move out of a rural county and into Des Moines.

Will Mowrer be able to raise the same kind of money he did against Steve King? Possibly not. But having that massive list of potential donors from the 2014 campaign is absolutely invaluable, and gives him a serious leg up starting off. Even just raising a portion of his impressive 2014 haul will be better than what many candidates can do. And this time he’ll be in a swing district, so if Mowrer makes it to the general, he’ll have plenty of financial help to add to whatever he raises.

Will this turn into a straight-up Mowrer vs Adams race, or will more jump in? Matt McCoy decided to pass on running last week. Staci Appel said no a couple months ago. Chet Culver is still a possibility, but he apparently hasn’t spoken to anyone for some time, and many think that indicates he’s leaning against a run as well. He wasn’t even included in a recent DCCC poll, perhaps meaning they’ve given up on him.

Interestingly, the poll the DCCC commissioned last week apparently only included Mowrer and U.S. Attorney Nick Klinefeldt. A number of Democratic insiders continue to push Klinefeldt to run, described in a telling Roll Call story as the “gold standard” candidate. (Side note: I love these national stories that quote an anonymous “Iowa Democratic operative,” because I almost always figure out who it actually is.)

Mowrer also released a list of endorsers who are already behind his candidacy for the 3rd District:

Rep. Bruce Hunter of Des Moines
Rep. Charlie McConkey of Council Bluffs
Mary Maloney of Des Moines – Polk County Treasurer
Steve Shelley of Stuart – Adair County Supervisor
Linda Nelson of Council Bluffs – Democratic Chair, Pottawattamie County
Kathy Miller of Panora – Democratic Chair, Guthrie County
Jason Frerichs of Red Oak – Democratic Chair, Montgomery County
Brian Kingsolver of Shenandoah – Democratic Chair, Fremont County
Jennifer Herrington of Clarinda – Democratic Chair, Page County
Paula Martinez of Carlisle – Democratic Party State Central Committee
Jennifer Lunsford of Windsor Heights – Democratic Party State Central Committee
Kimberly Boggus of Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Affirmative Action Chair

In addition, the Jim Mowrer Campaign announced the following Iowa endorsements:

Jan Bauer – Iowa Democratic National Committee Member
Sue Dvorsky – Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
Sen. Bob Dvorsky
Rep. Abby Finkenauer
Bill Hanes – Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee
Ron Healey – Iowa Democratic Party Veteran’s Caucus Chair
Rep. Todd Prichard


by Pat Rynard
Posted 8/17/15

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