It’s A Banner Week For Iowa Caucus Campaigning

Christmas in July is a popular contradiction; have a Christmas party while the temperatures are soaring and lemonade is the beverage of choice. It is an ironic celebration because, as Bing Crosby told us, Christmas should be white, and in July, everything is green. In Iowa we have another tradition that takes place when the snow is falling, the caucus. But, unlike Christmas, there is no emotional attachment between the white stuff and vote casting. Holding the caucus mid-winter is strictly practical; Iowa goes first and being first means voting before the eggnog goes bad. If we aren’t done voting […]

Hillary Clinton Building Impressive Iowa Endorsement List

Determined to not be out-organized in the Iowa Caucus again, Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign has been hard at work for months, constructing an impressive statewide grass-roots organization in every county. Those efforts are showing results as the Clinton campaign has brought on board a solid roster of well-known Iowa Democrats to help out. Interestingly, the Clinton campaign hasn’t loudly trumpeted each new endorser’s decision as many caucus campaigns have in the past, instead rolling them out as part of local organizing house parties. Rather than big press releases showing campaign momentum to national press, they seem to be content in […]