The Best Reactions to Ross Paustian’s Reading Habits

During a high-profile debate on collective bargaining rules and education funding, Republican State Representative Ross Paustian decided to crack open a book entitled “Sex After Sixty.” Des Moines Register reported Brianne Pfannenstiel snapped a photo of the Scott County legislator, which quickly went viral in the Iowa polito-sphere. Starting Line compiled a number of the best/funniest reactions to the moment:


The Tweet that started it all:

Iowa Gif-t Shop had a field day:

Twitter Had Some Fun:



From Facebook Comments:
Timothy Denger He’s got sex after sixty mastered, he’s screwing the entire state all at once! Should this happen longer then 4 years, consult the voters!
Wayne Sawtelle Probably just looking at the pictures.
Becky Leach He was researching Sex EDUCATION, guys!

Anonymous captions:

This is some sexy non-germane stuff

Sorry, I thought this book was called “Sex After 60 Amendments”


OK, see you all next marathon-debate session


by Pat Rynard
Posted 3/18/15

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