Iowans: Biden Held His Own In Second Debate, But Concerns Linger

Joe Biden was in the cross-hairs on Wednesday night. With the exception of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who instead directed her fire at Sen. Kamala Harris, candidates who wanted to rip on one another largely aimed their sights at the former Vice President. Vice President Biden got in a handful of heated exchanges throughout the night. Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Kamala Harris, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Jay Inslee all went directly at Biden on his record in the Senate and as Vice President, statements he made in the past and his work on issues like racial […]

How Kamala Harris’ Plan Would Address Iowa’s Rape Kit Backlog

Justice after a sexual assault is hard for victims to find, and Kamala Harris wants to make it a little easier.  On Thursday, Harris announced a plan to eliminate the backlog many states have of untested rape kits, the equipment used by investigators to collect DNA samples and evidence from victims of sexual assault during a forensic medical exam.   In 2016, Iowa had 4,265 unsubmitted kits. And in some cases, it can take months or years for kits to be tested.  “Harris’ proposal would invest $1 billion to allow states to fully eliminate their rape kit backlogs within four years […]

‘She’s Powerful.’ Kamala Harris Draws Large Crowds, Renewed Iowa Interest

Three days. Five cities. Lots of Iowans. During this past week around Independence Day, Senator Kamala Harris visited Iowans and journeyed across half of the state, gathering crowds, endorsements and lots of support. Harris connected with Iowans in Central and Western Iowa, drawing intrigued caucus-goers (and a few out-of-staters) to events in West Des Moines, Des Moines, Indianola, Council Bluffs and Sioux City. Response To Harris’ Message Many attendees at Harris’ events were impressed by her debate stage performance, and she had even more impact when she was the only person on the microphone. When her second event with NARAL […]

Poll Shows Rural Voters Back More Centrist Approach, Biofuel Support

Rural Democrats are looking to support a presidential candidate who will focus on their communities and invigorate the renewable fuel industries, a poll from David Binder Research showed earlier this week. Of the 600 people surveyed in the poll, 53% report living in rural areas and small towns, and 76% self-identified as middle-class or lower in socioeconomic standing. The recent poll, which shows Elizabeth Warren leading amongst the sample, reflected the older, whiter electorate, even among Iowa Democrats: 95% of respondents identified as white and 85% of them being over the age of 35. Amongst the group, 62% said they […]

Kamala Harris In Iowa: Go On Offense On Women’s Health Rights

Senator Kamala Harris has told everyone during this 2020 campaign that she’s a fighter. She’s touted her time as the Attorney General of California, prosecuting banks and holding corporations accountable. She’s told the story about being raised by parents who were civil rights activists.  And at a NARAL-sponsored town hall in Des Moines, Harris emphasized her ability and willingness to fight for women’s reproductive health care in a way that others may not. “Right now, women’s access to reproductive health is under attack in America, and we have got to stand firm,” Harris said.  Twice on Wednesday, Harris emphasized the […]

How Kamala Harris’ Pre-Clearance Plan Could Halt Iowa Abortion Restrictions

National attention on abortion access has been heightened this year with states like Alabama and Missouri passing strict laws limiting women’s ability to access the procedure. This has prompted many presidential candidates to speak out and offer their thoughts and plans. In late May, Sen. Kamala Harris announced a plan to prevent states from dramatically restricting access to abortion in the future. Under Harris’s plan, called the Reproductive Rights Act, any state that passed policy that violated Roe v. Wade in the past 25 years would have to go through the Department of Justice to make any new changes to […]