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  1. I noticed in your publication about Northwest Iowa and the restaurants that have been around Sioux City for many years, you did not mentioned the oldest fast food restaurant in Sioux City, Tastee Inn & Out enjoyed by Sioux Cityans for the past 60 years. We have a facebook page as well as a website.

  2. I am a native Iowan who was active in politics until I moved to Nashville almost 30 years ago. I enjoy reading Starting Line. Disappointed in your endorsement of Clinton however. . . not because I’m a Sanders supporter (I am) who fears your endorsement might hurt him, because I rather suspect that anyone into politics enough to be one of your readers has already made up her/his mind. No, it’s because I look to this site for reporting, not editorializing. I guess I mis-read your Mission.

    1. Keep reading – aside from the endorsement post, most of the rest of the reporting will remain neutral. Although, as I always have, I do toss some opinion in from time to time. I’ve been doing that long before I did an endorsement – since I’ll be caucusing for her, and it’s public, figured I may as well put my opinion up here.

  3. Mr. Rynard, would you please explain why the Democrats don’t release the vote totals as do the Republicans. And a story out there is how Clinton won a whole bunch of coin tosses to wind up the victor. Can you also please elucidate what the coin tosses are about?

  4. There are real differences between Hillary and Bernie.
    1) Ability to work with Congress.
    2) Minimum wage
    3) Marriage Equality
    4) Electability-Bernie beats Trump
    5) Super-PACs
    6) Wall-Street bailouts 2008- Wants to hold those responsible for the fraud accountable.
    7) Consistency- Bernie has been very consistent in his positions for decades.
    8) Private Prisons-Wants to end private prisons within three years
    9) Iraq War cost over 7,000 lives
    10)Experienced 32 years in elected office vs 8 Years as Senator
    11) Bernie opposes TPP(and other disastrous trade pacts that lead to loss of American jobs to overseas markets that pay their workers next to nothing.
    12) Walmart has called them out for being on government welfare for paying their workers so little that many of them need food stamps and welfare just to make ends meet.

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