Amie Rivers
Amie Rivers is Starting Line's community editor, labor reporter and newsletter snarker-in-chief. Previously, she was an award-winning journalist at the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier; now, she very much enjoys making TikToks and memes. Send all story tips and pet photos to [email protected] and sign up for our newsletter here.

12 Iowa towns that are constantly mispronounced

How many of these town names do you really know? If you're wondering how European immigrants came up with some of these Iowa town names in the 19th century, and then proceeded to pronounce them the craziest ways you can imagine, read on. Read: Iowa Weird: The...

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Amie Rivers - Iowa Starting Line

4 reasons why the WNBA should expand to Iowa

The WNBA is ready to expand, and it should expand to Iowa—giving us our first professional team. The WNBA starts up this weekend, and it's arguably getting the most attention since its founding in 1997. Everybody knows that's largely due to Iowa Hawkeye Caitlin...

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