Here’s your wallet’s guide to 4 great steaks in Des Moines

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April 18, 2024

Let’s explore some budget-friendly, locally-owned restaurants in Des Moines where you can enjoy cheap steak without compromising on taste. Whether you’re craving a juicy ribeye or a tender filet mignon, these restaurants have got you covered.

Jesse’s Embers

Jesse’s Embers is a beacon for steak lovers on the hunt for both quality and value. This charming eatery offers an array of steak selections that promise to satisfy your carnivorous cravings without overextending your budget. Among the restaurant’s offerings, the 8 oz. small sirloin steals the spotlight. It’s a dish that effortlessly balances flavor, quality, and affordability.

Jesse’s Embers has been a Des Moines institution since 1963 and the owners are regularly present, ensuring each customer has an exceptional dining experience.

For those intrigued by the prospect of dining at Jesse’s Embers, a visit to their website is highly recommended. There, you’ll find further details on their menu, showcasing a variety of dishes that promise to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Jesse’s Embers champions the joy of steak without necessitating a lavish expenditure.

Whether you’re in the mood for that standout sirloin (known as the Embers Special) or any of their other succulent steak options, Jesse’s Embers promises an affordable, delicious, and welcoming dining experience that’s hard to beat.

Rube’s Steakhouse

Dive into a dining adventure like no other at Rube’s Steakhouse, a beloved institution in Des Moines for over four decades. This family-owned gem offers a unique twist on the traditional steakhouse experience with its “grill-your-own-supper” option. Imagine the sizzle and aroma of a perfectly selected steak grilling right before your eyes, on a grill stationed at your table. It’s an interactive and utterly delightful way to enjoy a meal, making each bite a testament to your grilling prowess.

In 1973, Glen Rubenbauer, also known as “Rube,” had a dream to provide premium Iowa beef, and let customers grill it themselves on an open-hearth grill. The small town of Montour, Iowa was enamored by this grilling option, and customers began requesting to buy steaks to make for themselves at home. Rube’s has evolved over the years, but they still have an option for customers to buy cuts to grill at home.

The novelty of grilling your own meal at Rube’s sets it apart, but the quality of the meat is unmistakeable. Each cut, from the robust ribeye to the delicate filet, is chosen with care, ensuring that your self-cooked dinner is of the highest quality. And for those who might feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of cooking their own steak, fear not. The friendly staff at Rube’s are more than happy to guide you through the process, ensuring your steak is grilled to your exact liking.

Before you even get to the main event, you’ll want to indulge in some of Rube’s iconic appetizers. Their Retro Relish Tray is a must-try, offering a nostalgic start to your meal. It’s these thoughtful touches and attention to quality that have made Rube’s a cherished spot among locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice eager to try your hand at the grill, Rube’s promises an affordable, enjoyable, and memorable experience. So, if you’re in the mood for a steak dinner that’s as engaging as it is delicious, Rube’s Steakhouse in Des Moines is your go-to destination. With steaks starting at $26, there’s a cut for every budget.

The Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge

For those in Des Moines seeking a satisfying steak dinner that’s as gentle on the wallet as it is delightful on the palate, The Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge is for you. Tucked away, this local gem prides itself on serving up succulent steak dishes that promise to fulfill any meat-lover’s dream without lavishly overspending for a delicious meal. Their menu boasts an impressive array of options, from the robust flavors of a perfectly cooked Iowa sirloin ($32.95) to the tender, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of their prime rib ($36.95). Each dish is prepared with care, aiming to please every guest that walks through their doors.

Beyond the beef, The Big Steer invites diners to complement their dishes with cheesy slides. And for those with a sweet tooth, the promise of homemade desserts like their Heath Bar Triple Chocolate Cake or one of their gourmet cheesecakes ensures that your dining experience ends on a high note.

The Big Steer offers a meal and a chance to enjoy quality time with friends and family over plates of delicious food. For more details on what awaits you at The Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge, from their full menu offerings to their operation hours, a visit to their website is highly recommended. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply in the mood for a steak dinner that promises both quality and value, The Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge in Des Moines stands ready to exceed your expectations.

Iowa Beef Steakhouse

Iowa Beef Steakhouse is a treasure trove for beef aficionados looking for both quality and affordability. This establishment prides itself on offering a range of cuts that cater to every taste, from the classic sirloin ($22.95) to the indulgent T-bone ($37.95), all sourced from local suppliers to ensure freshness and flavor.

What makes Iowa Beef a standout is its no-frills approach to dining—here, it’s all about the meat. Your chosen cut is seasoned and cooked to perfection, ready to be paired with simple, yet satisfying sides like baked potatoes and steamed vegetables, emphasizing the steak’s natural flavors without overshadowing them.

Diners are also treated to a casual, friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxed meals with family and friends. It’s this combination of mouth-watering steak, welcoming environment, and unbeatable prices that keep locals coming back for more. To make the most of your visit, be sure to check their website for the latest menu options and any special deals they might have, ensuring a fulfilling experience that’s easy on the pocket. Iowa Beef Steakhouse is a destination for those in search of a hearty, yet affordable steak meal in Des Moines.

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