VIDEO: Iowans oppose template anti-immigrant bill

Screenshot of a video of an HF 2608 Senate subcommittee meeting

By Iowa Production Staff

March 19, 2024

During an Iowa Senate subcommittee last Tuesday, immigrants and allies heavily and passionately opposed HF 2608, a new bill from the corporate lobbying group the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The bill would make transporting undocumented immigrants a felony, sparking major concerns about racial profiling, accessible migrant shelters, the separation of families, and even religious freedom.

@iowastartingline Heavy opposition by immigrants and allies to a new ALEC bill, HF 2608, in #iowa today. But the 2 Republicans on the subcommittee agreed to move it on to committee anyway. #news #politics #immigration ♬ original sound – Iowa Starting Line

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