Ron DeSantis Says He Would Sign National Abortion Ban

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If elected president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would support a national six-week ban on abortion.

The Sunshine State Republican who is seeking the 2024 GOP nomination confirmed he would support the nationwide abortion ban after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked him during the Family Leader Summit in Des Moines on Friday.

“You signed a ban on abortion in Florida after six weeks. Would you do the same as president,” Carlson asked.

Before he answered, DeSantis praised Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds for signing Iowa’s latest abortion ban just hours before on the same stage. DeSantis signed a similar bill in Florida earlier this year.

“She signed a great heartbeat bill today and we were able to do that in Florida—we had a lot of opposition to that,” he said. “I’m proud to have been a pro-life governor and I will be a pro-life president, so of course I want to sign pro-life legislation.”

Like Reynolds and other Iowa Republicans, DeSantis colloquially refers to their legislation to ban abortion as “heartbeat bills,” which is an inaccurate description. The law bans abortion after electric pulses are detected in the embryo, which can happen as early as six weeks. Because of that, Republicans call it a “fetal heartbeat” bill, despite there not being a physical heart.


by Ty Rushing

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