Iowa Senate Bill Would Allow Band And Choir Kids To Skip PE

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Band and show choir kids across Iowa may have reason to rejoice this year because of a new proposal coming from the Iowa Senate Education Committee.

SF161 would change language to excuse students from physical education (PE) requirements if they participate in show choir, marching band, or color guard. Previously, only students enrolled in sports, other classes, and non-school-sponsored extracurriculars were allowed to be excused.

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The added excuse is also required to take at least as much time per week as a unit of PE. This change would apply to public, nonpublic, and charter schools.

Another part of the bill makes it easier for high school students to be excused by only requiring a written request from a parent/guardian of the student. It changes language to say “a student shall be excused from the physical education requirement by the principal of the school” and removes consultation with the student’s counselor and approval from the school board or whoever is in charge of the school.

The addition of show choir, marching band, and color guard are also added for middle schoolers.

A subcommittee meeting for the bill is scheduled for 3 p.m. Wednesday and can be watched via Zoom.


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