Deidre DeJear Challenges Kim Reynolds To Three Debates

Deidre DeJear challenges Kim Reynolds to three debates. Photo by Starting Line staff

Deidre DeJear is ready for the debate stage, she just needs her opponent to show up.

During a Tuesday press conference on the Iowa State Capitol grounds, the Democratic nominee for Iowa governor issued a public challenge to Gov. Kim Reynolds.

“I have agreed to three debates, thus far,” DeJear said. “I realize at this point in time, our current governor has not responded to these requests.”

DeJear said it has been a tradition for candidates seeking Iowa’s highest state office to hold at least three debates.

When Reynolds ran for her first full term in 2018, she and Democratic nominee Fred Hubbell participated in three debates.

Reynolds’ direct predecessor, Republican Terry Branstad, debated Democrat Jack Hatch three times during the 2014 election cycle.

Branstad also had three debates with Democrat Chet Culver, who was the incumbent, during the 2010 cycle.

DeJear said political power is inherent to the people and debates help people get answers directly from the people who want to represent them.

“When we talk about all political power being inherent in the people, the people’s way is through democracy and exercising their right to vote and the people deserve myself and our current governor on a stage because I have answers to the [problems] that regular everyday Iowans are facing and I’m talking about those everywhere I go,” DeJear said.

Besides three debates being the tradition, DeJear noted this is a chance for each of them to lay out their vision for Iowa to people who will ultimately decide who best represents them.

“It is my hope that the governor’s silence is mere contemplation and not a ‘no’ in facing me in a debate,” DeJear said.

 DeJear personally sent Reynolds’ campaign an email and a letter following Tuesday’s press conference.

“Time’s getting short, we’re 90 days out and schedules are getting tight, right, and I want to fit in debates, but I also know I’ve to be out there with the people so it’s important that we get our schedules tight,” DeJear said.

When asked if she thinks the Reynolds campaign is afraid of a debate, DeJear said she doesn’t think so.

“Whether she is or she isn’t, it doesn’t matter,” DeJear said. “This is the way we have traditionally done things related to getting our message out to people and showing a contract where people can choose who they choose to vote for in an election process.

“Our sentiments about a debate mean nothing; we have to give people the opportunity to hear our voice clearly.”


by Ty Rushing

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  • DeJear has zero chance against Reynolds. Better off donating to local Democrats instead of DeJear as she’s headed for a landslide defeat. Keep wishing IDP could nominate a high quality, electable candidate for governor in my lifetime.

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