Reynolds Says SCOTUS’ Roe Draft Offers ‘Glimmer Of Light’

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Gov. Kim Reynolds celebrated early signs the US Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v Wade at the National Day of Prayer celebration at the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday.

“This week a glimmer of light broke through the darkness in the form of an early indication that the court is prepared to undo its fatal mistake,” she said.

Reynolds said because the decision isn’t final yet, the justices need people’s prayers now more than ever, which makes the National Day of Prayer more important than ever.

“It’s a reminder that we need in the dark when we’re afraid and desperate to find the light,” she said. “That is the position that our country found itself in 50 years ago when the United States Supreme Court decided in Roe v Wade that our Constitution prevents states like Iowa from protecting the unborn human life.”

This year marks the 71st National Day of Prayer. The theme is “Exalt the Lord who has established us,” taken from Colossians 2:6-7.

Before speaking, Reynolds was introduced by Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader, a conservative, Christian political organization. He called for Reynolds to be strong and for the faith community to help shield her from attacks.

“I pray that all of us would commit today that we lift up her arms as we encourage her to be strong and bold and courageous,” he said.

Vander Plaats invoked 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 which calls for people to be on their guard, to stand firm, be courageous and strong, and to do everything in love.

“We give you thanks, Lord, because we know you appoint leaders,” he said during his prayer. “And we give thanks today for Gov. Kim Reynolds.”

Several other state officials rose to pray for various subjects.

Attorney General Tom Miller prayed for government and world peace. Kelly Garcia, director of the Iowa Department of Human Services, prayed for those in need and various pastors stood to pray for Iowa’s churches.

Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand said a prayer for families, including single-parent families, foster families, refugee and immigrant families, inter-racial families and families with LGBTQ parents.

In her prayer, Reynolds prayed primarily for Iowa and its future.

“Above all, we pray for an Iowa that blesses those who live here, welcomes those who visit and remains a place where truth, justice, and righteousness reign,” she said.


Nikoel Hytrek

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1 Comment on "Reynolds Says SCOTUS’ Roe Draft Offers ‘Glimmer Of Light’"

  • I’ve never had an abortion, but I have a few close friends and relatives who did, many years ago. I’m trying to imagine looking directly into the eyes of each one of those women and stating, “You should have been forced to carry your pregnancy to term and give birth.”

    No. NO. I could not do that. By comparison, praying aloud in front of a National Day of Prayer crowd and accepting their plaudits and admiration for wanting to force other women to continue every pregnancy and give birth seems very, very easy.

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