Biden Administration Ramps Up Effort to Address Supply Chain Issues

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The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a major effort to address supply chain backlogs caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The federal government released $14 billion to the US Army Corps of Engineers to fund 500 projects, which will make it easier to transport goods, allow the passage of larger ships, and expand capacity at key ports, according to a White House fact sheet.

The effort is the latest attempt by President Joe Biden to try to untangle the mess that is the global supply chain–a series of cascading crises that have affected Iowa businesses. Biden previously announced 24/7 operations at the nation’s largest port, which helped ease backlogs of shipping containers around the holidays. The administration also increased funding to Mexico and Central America to ease the bottleneck and improve the customs and clearance process.

At the congressional level, US Rep. Cindy Axne is also working to address the crisis. She co-sponsored the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which passed the House on Dec. 8. The bill would address congestion at ports and ban ocean carriers from refusing to pick up US exports on return journeys.

She’s also introduced or co-sponsored bills to address the shortage of truck drivers and promote the training and development of a workforce to manufacture products in America.


By Keya Vakil

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