Finkenauer Rips Sinema as ‘Sell-Out’ For Stalling Progress in Senate

US Senate candidate and former-Rep. Abby Finkenauer called out US Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for getting in the way of Democrats’ ability to pass legislation on Thursday.

“Now, we technically as Democrats have control of the U.S. Senate, but we’ve got a sellout in Krysten Sinema who is there for what reason I don’t know,” Finkenauer said in a fiery video she uploaded to Twitter. “But she refuses to actually do anything that works for working families like the one that I grew up in. And I don’t know if she forgot where she came from or who she’s there to fight for, but it’s about dang time that we actually expand the Democratic majority.”

Sinema, an Arizona Democrat, took to the Senate floor on Thursday to say would not support any efforts to reform or eliminate the filibuster, a Senate rule that requires 60 votes to end debate on a bill rather than a simple majority. This comes as President Joe Biden and Democrats seek to expand and protect voting rights, which will likely be blocked by Senate Republicans.

The filibuster rule was put in place in 1975 and is effectively the minimum needed for legislation to pass.

Traditionally, it has been used for the most controversial issues—mostly civil rights for Black Americans—but is used more commonly in recent years to obstruct the passage of bills opposed by the minority party.

Because Democrats only have a slim majority, every issue is close. That’s why Finkenauer called for expanding that majority, something she hopes to be part of in the Senate. She is one of three Democrats who hope to challenge incumbent US Sen. Chuck Grassley in the fall.

“When Chuck Grassley, 88-year-old Chuck Grassley, who’s been in D.C. for 47 years, decided to run for reelection in Iowa, the chances to expand the majority got a heck of a lot better for us,” Finkenauer said.

“But we’ve gotta do the work. And you have my word I am doing everything I can because I have seen how D.C. doesn’t work. And I’ve seen how the progress we can make can just keep getting stalled and stalled and stalled. And I am so damn tired of it, and I know Americans across the country are too.”


by Nikoel Hytrek

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2 Comments on "Finkenauer Rips Sinema as ‘Sell-Out’ For Stalling Progress in Senate"

  • Sen. Sinema is one of the better senators that we and I’d take Sinema over Abby in a heartbeat. She’s a fine US Senator.

  • The only impressive thing about Sinema is her ability to fool herself into thinking she is somehow unique from others who have sold themselves, their states, and their roots to the special interests. History won’t be kind to her, but it won’t matter to her as long as her pocketbook is being filled because shallow people like her live only for themselves and only for the pleasure of the moment.

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