Grassley: Biden’s Border Policy Could Kill 1/4 of World’s Population

The day after Halloween, Sen. Chuck Grassley was spreading some fear of his own on Twitter.

Grassley tweeted about the amount of fentanyl that had been seized at the US-Mexico border, claiming it was enough to kill more than a fourth of the world’s population. He blamed the success of Customs and Border Patrol in seizing the drugs on Pres. Joe Biden.

Grassley isn’t the only Republican in Congress who has made a big show of fentanyl seizures at the border. For a few months now, Republicans have emphasized the number of drugs being caught before they could be distributed as a way to critique President Joe Biden’s border polices. The numbers have been used to argue for returning to Trump-era policies and to blame Biden for a problem that’s existed for decades.

“Criminals have tried to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States for many years. It’s happened during Republican administrations; it’s happened during Democratic administrations,” a MSNBC article reported yesterday. “…That is, of course, what we want them to do. If officials have seized 10,000 pounds of fentanyl so far this fiscal year, that’s evidence of the system working as intended.”

Almost instantly, there was backlash, and questions about why Grassley is upset about drugs being caught.


by Nikoel Hytrek
Posted 11/2/21

1 Comment on "Grassley: Biden’s Border Policy Could Kill 1/4 of World’s Population"

  • Southern border was a disaster under Trump and even worse under Biden. Grassley is a career politician who unfortunately will get re-elected by double digits. I don’t see any Dem who can beat him. Abby is running but she couldn’t even carry her own congressional district.- dubious honor of being first one termer to lose their house race in Iowa in 50 years. I see she recently did a fundraising letter for Terry McAuliffe who lost in blue state VA last night.

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