Reynolds All Out Of Ideas For Boosting Iowa Vaccinations

With vaccination rates stalling and demand plummeting in Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds told reporters yesterday she doesn’t plan to offer incentives for getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

That means no lottery, no giveaways, no cash payments.

Reynolds said pop-up clinics at sporting events and the Des Moines farmer’s market are enough to catch those who haven’t yet taken advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We’re still doing everything we can,” she said at an event yesterday. “We are working with every venue we can.”

Famously, Ohio introduced a million-dollar lottery people entered if they got a COVID vaccine. As of May 26, vaccintaions there were up more than 40%.

Other states quickly followed suit with their own lotteries. Others have offered incentives like savings bond programs, discounts on or giveaways of food and beer from participating state businesses, and exclusive live, in-person events for the fully vaccinated.

Iowa’s private sector is stepping up a bit. Hy-Vee has started offering $10 gift cards for people who complete the vaccine at Hy-Vee or one of the store’s pop-up clinics.

Local-level officials in Iowa are looking into incentives for vaccinating their residents but haven’t released details.

According to state data, over 1.3 million Iowans are fully vaccinated, including single-dose vaccines and completion of two doses. Last month, the state turned down more supply of the vaccine because demand had petered out by the end of April, when eligibility opened up to adults over 16.

“We’re just going to continue to look at ways that we can work with communities across the state, with our clinics, with our physicians,” Reynolds said Wednesday. “And so if we need to do something different, we can assess and do that. But, you know, I think they’re available to anyone who wants them.”


by Nikoel Hytrek
Posted 6/3/21

3 Comments on "Reynolds All Out Of Ideas For Boosting Iowa Vaccinations"

  • As a senior citizen with health issues I’m considered “high risk” and got the vaccination as soon as I could. I have politely encouraged others to do the same. With that said I don’t want to see my tax dollars going to incentives for people to get vaccinated. Too many handouts going on as it is. Those with a reasonable level of intelligence will likely follow the science and get the shot. There will always be some conspiracy folks and anti-vaxxers. Don’t throw money at them.

  • If it were only that simple as “I got mine, Jack.” No, I am not mocking you, Jerry. I am using your response to prove my point.

    People act like its only a personal choice and if they choose to be a dumb*** so be it. That is not true. I am fully vaccinated with 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine the moment they said I was eligible. Here is the issue…. I have an autoimmune disease in which even if they recommend the vaccine in the medical community overall, exposure to the virus can still send my immune system into overdrive potentially with catostrophic results. So I am looking at the numbers vaccinated and I’m pissed off that more is not being done to get people vaccinated faster so I can function in society better and sooner. I understand that 12 year olds just became eligible for the vaccine the other week so I can give a certain segment of the population a pass on this but, why are there such disparities in the percentage vaccinated in each county? Why do people care more about a piece of fabric on their faces than the health of their fellow man/woman?

    Now I understand the argument that it shouldn’t take something superficial like a lottery or beer to get people to care about their fellow man and normally I would agree with that. However, If you look at the people that are being enticed by the vaccine lottery’s etc. in other states, it is very much a different crowd that would benefit actually a lot more from winning superficial prizes than saving grandma. Sadly these people are following science…… the science that says they ain’t gonna die most likely since they are young and healthy as well as any alternative science that supports their warped views. Sometimes talking one way works, and sometimes it doesn’t. When saying pretty pretty please no longer works (Reynolds essentially) it is much past time to look outside the box for other ideas to accomplish the overall goal of herd immunity. What we have tried so far has not worked! Its time for other ideas. We have wasted tax money on way worse things before! I would feel better if Reynolds saw a disease that killed 6000+ Iowans and got the urgency it truly deserves.

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