Reynolds: My Agenda Would Come To ‘Screeching Halt’ If Dems Flip House

While campaigning across the state for down-ballot GOP candidates last week, Republican elected officials repeatedly highlighted a reason to hold onto all chambers of Iowa government: so as not to halt their agenda.

Gov. Kim Reynolds, Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley and U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley spoke at different GOP election events during the final stretch until Election Day, reminding Iowans how much they want to maintain a Republican trifecta at the state level.

“I need to make sure, we have to work just as hard to make sure we maintain our majorities in the Iowa State Senate and the Iowa House. I’m telling you, all you have to do is look to Washington D.C. and see what happens if you lose one of the chambers. Because what happens is you have the minority party driving the agenda and all of the great work that we’ve been doing the last four years comes to a screeching halt,” said Reynolds at a Vice President Mike Pence-led Make America Great Again rally in Des Moines on Thursday.

Pat Grassley kept up this message on Sunday on the tarmac at the Dubuque Regional Airport before the President spoke to his supporters by encouraging down-ballot Republican voting on Nov. 3.

Democrats have the best chance at flipping the Iowa House on the state level, where they have to get a net gain of four seats in order to gain the majority—a likelihood that has attracted national and statewide attention with funding flooding into some of the most highly contested races.

Chuck Grassley emphasized the need for Republican control in Congress, but at the national level. At a campaign event in Bondurant on Wednesday, the senior Senator stumped for the reelection of Sen. Joni Ernst so that his vote might not get cancelled on upcoming bills.

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“For 30 years, I had a Democratic colleague. We got along alright personally, but at almost every vote I had, he cancelled my vote or you could say I cancelled his vote. But for the last six years, it’s not only pleasant to have somebody not cancel your vote, it’s somebody that you sit down with,” he said.

“And such a team that we just got to keep it together. Not just so my vote’s not cancelled, but because working together, you accomplish more for your people than if you’re working separately.”


by Isabella Murray
Posted 11/2/20

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  • Have donated to several Iowa House candidates, have voted myself, have helped a few others vote. Now am hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping to hear a loud screech.

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