Hy-Vee Will Not Enact Mask Policy For Shoppers

Hy-Vee will remain open without requiring shoppers to wear facial coverings, saying it wants to stay inclusive to customers who cannot wear masks for medical reasons.

The West Des Moines-based midwestern supermarket chain’s decision stands against the increasing trend of the nation’s largest retailers adhering to the CDC and National Retail Federation’s recommendations. A report out yesterday found that over half of the country’s forty largest retailers, including many grocery store chains, have implemented facial covering policies for their shoppers.

Currently, only Hy-Vee employees are required to wear masks in stores where there are no state or municipal mandates.

“While our employees are required to wear masks at work, we are not mandating masks for customers, except where ordered by states/local governments,” a Hy-Vee customer service representative said on July 15 in an email to a member of Iowa Educators for a Safe Return to School, a Facebook group with over 18 thousand members that has been calling on Hy-Vee’s CEO Randy Edeker to require masks for shoppers.

Hy-Vee vice president of communications Tina Potthoff confirmed to Iowa Starting Line the company’s stance, saying, “It’s very difficult to enforce that without asking people their medical histories. There are many people in the country that cannot wear masks for medical reasons.”

The National Retail Federation has encouraged retailers to set nationwide mask policies, and large national retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens have recently implemented the orders at all their stores, including those in Iowa. Here, Gov. Kim Reynolds has not made any statewide declarations for facial coverings, and has instead prohibited local municipalities from passing their own mask mandates.

Other national grocers like Kroger and Publix announced last week that they would also mandate mask-wearing at their locations. Deep-southern grocer Winn Dixie late on Monday reversed their decision not to require customer masks to avoid “undue friction” between customers and staffers. The company confirmed to USA TODAY that their position evolved after listening to customer feedback.

Instead of the mask policies, the Hy-Vee representative encouraged shoppers to use their online grocery delivery or curbside pickup services for those with safety concerns.

“We strongly recommend use of the Aisles Online delivery and/or curbside pickup service for anyone who might feel unsafe coming into the store, where strict sanitation measures, clear social distancing recommendations and protocols designed to limit the number of shoppers at a given time remain in place,” the email to Iowa Educators for a Safe Return to School said.

The group’s co-founder Jeremy Dumkrieger said he ordinarily uses Hy-Vee’s online grocery option, but on Monday shopped at Walmart when their mask policy went into effect.

“Yesterday I went to Walmart because I wanted watermelon and didn’t want to wait 24 hours for it. We knew that they had their mask policy so we threw on our masks and went in there,” he said. “We’re looking for everyone to just put the mask on when you go in the store. We just want everyone to comply with it so we can get rid of it so we can go back to school and not worry about it and we can just live our lives and go to movies and restaurants.”


by Isabella Murray
Posted 7/21/20

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79 Comments on "Hy-Vee Will Not Enact Mask Policy For Shoppers"

  • How irresponsible not to require customers to wear masks! I will be urging my family members to shop at places that do. They now have many to choose from. I have been purchasing Hyvee gift cards at Christmas time but will no longer do so!

  • I’m a twelve-year employee of the Belton #1034 store, and am now faced with having to quit my job. I don’t feel safe working around hundreds of unmasked customers, in a county with sky-rocketing COVID-19 cases. I’m over sixty-years-old, and have asthma. I can’t afford to be unemployed, but I can’t afford to be deathly ill either. I love my job, and this is very depressing, on top of an already traumatic pandemic. This makes me very sad.

  • What medical conditions occur in relevant numbers that prevent wearing a mask? Don’t believe there are any. Even COPD patients oxygen and CO2 levels are unaffected by a mask. ….David M

  • This is actually going to simplify things. I’d been trying too hard to include them in the rotation, and now I won’t. Costco for staples and New Pi for niche items and fresh baked breads. Of course, I also get fresh veggies from Kroul Farms or Bass Farms and fruit from Wilson’s. If Hy-Vee cares nothing for my safety, I’m not giving them my business and I won’t feel bad about it either.

  • I’ve regularly shopped at Hy-Vee for four decades, and I am so done. I started switching to a masks-required small store weeks ago, and now I’ll be buying everything else in masks-required stores too. And if by some giant miracle a good covid vaccine becomes available soon, I still won’t go trotting back to Hy-Vee. I had an email exchange with Hy-Vee that showed me how their corporate leaders really think, and they won’t get my money again.

    I do feel sympathy for many of the very nice Hy-Vee staff. If any of you read this, you deserve better.

  • Thank you Hyvee ! The numbers all prove that COVID-19 numbers are WAY less then the normal flu seasons I appreciate your concern for those that can’t mask up.

  • How irresponsible towards humanity! I will no longer shop at Hy-Vee!! You stance has shown me that you really don’t care about your staff and the customers! You have the power to help during the pandemic and won’t! I feel sorry for the staff!! Shame on the powers that be!! I will take my business elsewhere!!!

  • GOOD. It’s nice to know some common sense is still around. There is a 99.7% RECOVERY RATE from this. Never seen so much hysteria in my whole life.

  • I have health issues and I only shop in stores that ask you to wear a mask. I am very disappointed in Hy-Vee that they are not going along with other corporate businesses. There are more people that would be safer wearing a mask than those who can’t wear a mask due to supposed health reasons. The people who can’t wear a mask are the ones who could use curbside pickup. I think it’s very irresponsible of Hy-Vee to do this to members of the community, their shopper and employees. It has been proven that masks help stop the spread of this horrible virus.

  • Too bad. I use the curbside pickup but would love to go inside, for a change. But by not requiring masks, therefore giving in to Iowa politics, I’ll have to continue curbside. I know of absolutely no medical reason not to wear a mask. I too have asthma, but this does not prevent me from wearing a mask. I am much more comfortable in a store which requires it. I have a grandson with leukemia, so cannot take any chances.

  • You say that some people can’t wear a mask for medical reasons. I have very bad asthma, CPOD and wear oxygen and I wear a mask when leaving my home. If there are some people who can’t where them why not have them shop online or have curbside pick up and we can all be safer.

  • Someone finally realized places that have mandated face diapers aren’t seeing any decline cases. Just like all the research done during and after the SARS outbreak proved 15 years ago. Where’s the mearest Hy-Vee to Waconia MN? You just made a customer.

  • Come on Hyvee. If they can’t wear a mask then they order on line. Such a simple fix.
    I am truly disappointed in your decision.

  • I am such a supporter of hy-vee but not a supporter of them deciding not to enforce wearing masks.. They were one of the first to have employees to wear masks.. to have special hours for elderly shoppers..to clean carts…you have done a amazing job but why would you not want to enforce wearing of masks… please reconsider.. let’s get this virus kicked so.life can get back to somewhat normal. Maybe you havent lost a loved one or havent watch a love one in the hospital suffer. It really is the only store I felt good shopping at but maybe I will have to rethink….

  • this is b.s. I work there and have to wear a mask so here I am protecting others but cant get the same respect back and yet I stock the shelves so they can buy what they need….like I’ve said before, hyvee doesn’t give a shit about its employees!!

  • I tried your AIsles pick up 4 times and everytime almost half the order was missing. I have been shopping Hy Vee for a long time. I don’t have to. Your no mask policy is going to kill some people. This is a mistake.

  • Hy Vee just lost my business. 30 plus years with them. A mask is just a small thing ask. Much better than being dead.

  • I am so glad we are not allowing anyone to bully us to follow suit with the masks.
    Most everyone does where a mask but if you cant you know how to social distance. Likewise even if you have a mask social distance anyway. That is the key.
    As for the person that works there hyvee has placed so many other barriers for the employees safety. I have been working there 40 hrs a week since the beginning over 50 and I have taken the personal responsibility to do what I have to.

  • I want everyone to be safe. If hyvee employees are risking their lives to tryIng to save a customers life, then the respect should be reciprocated. If you cant, or dont want to, thEn they should shop elsewhere.

  • I’m happy to hear you are not requiring masks…if you read the end of the box of masks, it says they will not keep you from getting the germs from different diseases…..it should be up to the individual….if people are wearing masks, why are they so worried? Thank you for letting it up to the individual….I will shop your store.

  • The only medical reason ANYONE might have to not wear a mask in public is if they are lacking a head to put on one. I have congestive heart failure. It is hard to breathe with a mask on, but I am at EXTREMELY HIGH RISK without a mask. In fact, people with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions are the ones who need masks THE MOST!!!! Instead of allowing everyone to go mask-less, do you know what would really help me? Chairs. Places to sit down if I get winded and it gets to be too much. That’s it. This move on Hy-Vee’s part is ALL POLITICAL; it has NOTHING to do with HEALTH!

  • Dave, I don’t believe that data. My 02 levels DO go down with a mask on, but not low enough to kill me. Covid, on the other hand, could actually be deadly. The lack of oxygen is uncomfortable, but I’m willing to tolerate it as long as I can get in and out as quickly as possible and back to the safety of my own home. If your health is so poor that you can’t survive without a mask for 15 minutes, you have no business being out in public at a time like this!!!

  • I have no intention of continuing to shop at at a store that won’t protect its workers by requiring that customers use a mask. That is just outrageous.

  • I will buy double for you! Will only go in stores that do not require them, if you are concerned then by all means wear a mask. You worry about you, I will worry about me.

  • Hy-Vee needs to stop pandering to the lowest common denominator…morons against masks. I pity the few competent employees they have left and hope they can find new jobs with a responsible company.

  • Yet another reason to buy ALL my groceries at Hy-vee…Been steadily decreasing my purchasing at Walmart for some time, so now is as good a time as any to finally quit completely and just get everything at Hy-Vee. For those that are all about masks, they are not saying you can’t wear one, they’re just not forcing everyone. If you feel uncomfortable, just use social distancing from those not wearing one. Thank you Hy-Vee for not caving to the mob, and thinking of those of us that have medical conditions that make mask wearing impossible.

  • I went to our HyVee and not all employees were wearing masks. Not all customers or employees are following the arrows on the floor either. So if these are policies they aren’t following them.

  • Finally a company not jumping on board with fear mongering. Normally I shop at Fareway as their prices are better, but I’ll make more of an effort to spend my money now at HyVee…

  • And I will shop at stores that do not require ineffective useless masks and if there are none left then I will shop online!

  • It should be our choice if we want to wear a mask or not, I have asthma and putting a mask on triggers it and then I can’t stop coughing even after I use my inhaler. When the swine flu or the bird flu was to be so contagious and people were dying from that disease did we have to use them or be state mandated. No, and you still used Hy-Vee. I will use them over other stores that require a mask to get food to feed my children and my husband who also has asthma and allergies to everything.

  • This is a poor choice on HyVee’s part. It not only reflects negatively on them now but will even more so in the future as discerning customers look at these businesses’ decisions to disregard their employees’ safety over an inconvenience to a minority of shoppers who have plenty of other alternatives than to physically shop in the store. HyVee will no longer have my business.

  • I have been online shopping because of no transportation and my age. This is so disappointing, I will definitely use a store that have people wear masks when shopping.

  • I think there’s enough people don’t use masks for whatever reason that we appreciate this and you will have our business. As for the ones complaining that we don’t have medical conditions I don’t believe your a doctor so you should keep your option to yourself. Thank you Hyvee for standing up for the rest of us

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU HY VEE. I will be switching all of my shopping to your store. If people are worried about themselves then they can shop online or wear masks. Thank you for not taking my freedom away and letting people choose if they want to wear a mask or not.

  • I feel bad for all the Hy Vee employees, guess were all the selfrightgeous Covid carrying crop dusting crazies are heading? That’s right, straight to Hy Heev!

  • Disappointing to say the least. Especially if this is a political because if it is, I won’t be shopping there .

  • Bye HyVee. We have shopped with you for years. I’m staying home except for groceries. A week ago I was there with a mask on my face. I was aghast at the idiots who made up at least 3/4 of the shoppers without masks. Two days ago I started to cough and am getting a test tomorrow. Thanks.

  • I don’t get this at all. Is it some shady favor for Kim Reynolds? I honestly can’t think of any other reason.

  • I love Hy-Vee, but this is ridiculous and disappointing. When I was at our local store last Friday, their “strict sanitation measures, clear social distancing recommendations and protocols designed to limit the number of shoppers at a given time” were clearly NOT still in place. The check out clerk did not wipe down the belt between customers. I was dodging clusters of people everywhere, and was even closely followed by an employee who was (I presume) collecting groceries for an Aisles Online customer. They can’t even manage to keep cart wipes stocked at the entrance!

  • Good for HyVee! This is where I will shop. Masks do not stop viruses. I would wear one if I could really protect others. I am over 60. People need to eat right, exercise, take their supplements. But if you insist on eating and drinking junk foods, you are wearing down your immune system for any disease.

  • Frankly, I am glad Hy-Vee is demonstrating common sense on the mask issue. If store associates are required to wear masks and sanitize checkout counters between customer transactions we have little to fear. Masks in and of themselves do not stop the spread of germs; however, persons who are ill will be keeping others from catching the illness. Hy-Vee has done a tremendous job of keeping it’s stores customer friendly during the pandemic. If you must cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and wash your hands often. Doing so will do more to stop the spread of the disease.

  • I am so proud of you Hy-Vee
    I am a true fan of your stores and have become a loyal shopper.
    It’s hard to get all the items from any store right now and your crews are trying so hard to get us what we need.
    I personally don’t shop where masks are required so props to you for not making this already tuff time
    My thumbs up to you

  • Thank you HyVee for not requiring masks. Your quality and selection from pharmacy to gift items have served our community for years…do not ruin a good service by supporting “mass fear”.

  • Face masks show you c a re about the next guy. By not wearing them you are saying we do not give a crap about you or your family .It is telling all the Healthcare workers that they do not matter. Shame on you. Without them we would all be in trouble.

  • I will support your business and appreciate your decision on mask wearing. Thank you for standing up to this issue.

  • And we don’t go to the stores that ask u to wear masks! So it goes both ways with wearing one or not! Will not shop at those stores that ask u to wear one!!

  • As far as i know this is still a free country. How many statistics have shown exactally, not the fudged ones so a state can get more funding, but the number of people that wear masks that havent gotten sick as opposed to ones who do not? Its kinda ironic how everyone is so pro mask now and the number of cases are going up? Hmm? Just because you throw a piece of fabric over your nose and mouth does not mean you are doing anything to protect anyone or yourself from anything! Today you must wear a mask to enter tomarow you may have to wear jeans or no shorts allowed i mean when does this nonsense stop! If this virus was sooo contagious and soooo deadly then where are the bio-hazard trash cans for people to dispose of there germ, bacteris, and.virus infected masks at? There all over the ground or in a grocery cart or blowing in the wind. I mean by all accounts if you really used your common sense non of this makes sense and im sorry but we should all be infected of how careless everything is. I mean does the virus only come out after all the stores close? And it avoids you once your seated in a resturant to eat but before you cross that thresh hold you better wear a mask? I mean for the love of GOD how stupid are these new rules we have to live by? And omg its almost flu season to so now is every case of the flu gona marked as corona virus…probably. As fornthe person saying theres no medical problem that would enable someone from wearing a mask guess thats why your career path wasnt a doctor because my son had to get a note from his doctor saying he couldnt wear a mask because it restricted him from getting fresh oxygen thus causing him to have an asthma attack. So your statement is your opinion and its false. And i havvent seen 1 person changebthere disposable mask every half hour like it says to do on the box and they are also putting warnings on them that they DO NOT protect from the corona virus because it is small enough to get through the holes in the masks that are there you just cant see them and no one has them fused to there face like they habe to be tonstop anything fron geting in and also my cousin, who is in the medical field but also common sense outa tell you, that the virus can also penetrate through you eyes and ear cavities so your masks and gloves are a false sense of security. But you keep on wearing them and keep telling yourself that your doing for the greater good amd leave the people that dont wear them alone cause im getting tired of being glared at for living my life as i want in a free country. Also ill admit that i should be dead because i go to the store touch everything dont wear a mask and smoke a cigarette right when i leave and dont wash my hands….as a matter of fact the only time i wash my hands is after i use the restroom, plus my husband works at JBS the meat plant that was on t
    V for being a “hotspot” and my daughter was at that bday party in donaphan, ne that was plastered all over the news and the world news and were still wondering why no one in my family and i mean extended family cousins n what not non of us have been infected. And no were no were not spreading it cause no one that weve been in contact with have got it either. The only person i know, my friend, who im around daily shes the only person i know that has had the coronavirus and guess what? She wore a mask every where! Now she doesnt. Makes you wonder whose th3 ones that are the problem. Masks or no masks? Hmmmm. Oh yea and none of my family besides the one in the medical field wears a mask and thats only when shes at work cause she has to. And to theones who feel they need to wuit there job because some of us chose not to wear a mask. Well i cant get a job because i cant wear one because of medical conditions like asthma and closterphobia so how am i nit being descriminated against? Im getting broker by the day because of a fucking .50 piece of paper or cloth that everyone feels is the miricle virus repellent well screw all you!

  • I forgot to add. The only thing protecting you or that will help you if you do get sick is your freaking immune system! But since youve wore a mask and disifected everything your killing all the germs even the ones you need to boost your immune system so you probably will die if you het the common cold cause you have no immune system!

  • Thank you, for your consideration and understanding. The anxiety I face daily in how I will get they supplies we need is very real. Curbside services are always limited and I often cannot get everything we need through them. Since we have an hour drive to town it makes it even more difficult when things are dropped off our orders to. Thank you for being a voice for our vulnerable.

  • How can you posible ask your employees and the general puplic to put themselves at risk of getting Covid 19 by not wearing a mask. Tells me you don’t really care. I’m now going to Walmart.

  • Hy-Vee doesn’t require masks while others such as Wal Mart does. As a consumer you are free to take your business to whatever supermarket you choose. Not worth a temper tantrum

  • Thank you Hyvee for not requiring masks. I have been a customer of yours for years and will be as long as you don’t require masks.

  • “It’s a free country – I’ll decide for myself.”
    Yep – it’s a free country. If I decide to drink and drive and kill a member of your family – tough crap. I can’t believe the level of stupidity and selfishness this pandemic is bringing out in people.

  • I’ve enjoyed having Hy-vee in Minnesota. Their hesitation to make masks mandatory hurts my feelings. In the end, if you don’t care about me, I don’t care about you. Good bye Hy-Vee!

  • I genuinely appreciate all these comments, because they remove any remaining doubt that Hy-Vee will increasingly be filled with customers who think that masks are a crock, that covid is no worse than the flu, and that all those health experts urging mask-wearing are really just socialism-minded weenies. I am grateful that future has been made so clear.

    If Hy-Vee’s real concern was for people who can’t wear masks for legitimate medical reasons, the obvious solution would be to set aside one or two special times a week for medically-challenged maskless customers to shop. Yeah, right. Hy-Vee should drop their “medical” pretense and just come right out and say “Look, there are a lot of people who don’t wear masks because they don’t like wearing masks, and why shouldn’t we at Hy-Vee profit by selling stuff to those people when there is a lot of money to be made?” At least that would be honest.

    I know a few older people with risk factors who live near a large city in Japan, and they are a lot safer doing everyday errands than people with risks in much of Iowa. Almost the entire population of Japan is wearing masks willingly, and Japan’s rate of covid infection is ridiculously low compared with Iowa’s rate. But hey, Iowa is free! Free! Also nice!

    As a side note, my local Theisens is so free and nice that even most staffers there keep their masks down around their necks and most customers have no masks at all. For Iowans who think covid is meh and masks are tyranny, that’s another good place to shop.

  • We did all our shopping at HyVee, but will no longer shop there. We will be shopping at other stores that are more concerned in protecting all patrons. And further, we will probably never go back to HyVee.

  • Appreciate HyVee allowing choice – (will keep my family’s business) & not mandating something that is ineffective at blocking virus particles, & by many studies has shown to actually cause more health problems with long-term use. Trusting in my body’s immune system & ability to heal itself naturally!

  • I believe it’s all political, but for the short time I spend in stores I put one on tho I actually think it creates a minor scratchy throat for me to wear one. Whatever!!

  • I see excuses.

    I actually got covid 19. I personally try to wear a mask but, I know there is a ton of arrogance out there too.. Pre-mask requirement at Walmart is where I personally think I got the virus as I saw a bunch of teens running around without masks. I realize that I can’t say that for sure but, thats where I think I got it. I was overjoyed when I watched the news and found out about Walmart. Hyvee is just caving.

    There is a study out of South Korea that said they got the virus under control by simply mandating masks, doing extra testing with even healthy looking people, and forcing quarantine in necessary cases. Yes we are doing more testing now between the clinics and Test Iowa but, it is not nearly enough. The rise in case numbers proves it.

    I remember feeling uneasy when I saw that many people without masks in any store. Now with the anti-mask crowd being pro-Hyvee, I have to wonder when the next Hyvee outbreak will be announced. See I understand the fact that the mask does not necessarily prevent it. However what the South Korea study showed is that the mask prevents your germs from getting to me. Now under normal times, activities like singing in church or yelling can propel germs. However the distance that those germs are propelled is greater without the mask. Apply that to the pandemic, at least if you are wearing a mask while doing so, as long as I keep my distance the particles are muffled down and don’t travel as far as they would without the mask. Its more about caring for your fellow man or woman than anything. That is why the CDC says that we could extinguish the virus in about 4-8 weeks if everyone just wore their masks. We are too arrogant to do that as a country since masks became political football. Its sad.

    There are so few medical cases in which a mask truly causes breathing issues. There are more excuses than cases. Just because its not “ideal” does not mean you can’t breathe through a mask. There are different types of masks. Ironically the one mask I got out of Hyvee has the little plastic round thing that makes the mask actually more breathable. I like wearing that one on hot days even though its black. Its more breathable than most of my masks, including the disposable ones.

    I will be making it a point to do most of my shopping between Aldi and Walmart after I’m out of quarantine. The list of places requiring masks is growing. I’m glad of that. Now what has to happen is that business will shift but, what will ultimately show is in the numbers in the virus. I don’t wish this virus on anyone but, this is telling me that they are asking for it by attracting the anti-maskers.

  • I love shopping at Hy-Vee stores! I love the produce and meat department. We have a family of 12 and we do have medical issues that prevent us from wearing a mask for long amounts of time. I’m so glad that you made this decision, so that we can still go to the store to get groceries and not have to worry about having a mask. I no longer shop at Walmart during this time or Target and it makes it easy for me to choose Hy-Vee. Thank you for leaving it up to the customers on whether they choose to wear a mask or not.

  • Hy-Vee should be ashamed for putting employees at risk. Masks are at worst a minor inconvenience that may save lives.

  • I am so glad Hy-Vee isn’t requiring a mask. I can think of so many medical and non-medical reasons why some customers can not wear one. It startled me that some people are splitting their business between several stores spreading their germs from one to the next. What happened to loyalty? If you were truly a loyal customer you would wear your mask to the store and understand if your fellow shoppers can’t. Sad.

  • I will be doing ALL my shopping at Hy-Vee from now on. From those of us who are tired of feeling like a leper because we cannot tolerate a mask, THANK YOU.

  • Haven’t shopped at Hy-Vee since the pandemic started. This policy makes it real easy to decide where to shop. Let those who refuse to mask up shop at Hy-Vee. That way they can spread their germs amongst themselves. As for me, I will go where store policies make it much safer.

  • I do feel bad for the many Iowa Hy-Vee clerks who have risk factors and/or (very reasonably) fear getting covid, but who can’t afford to quit their jobs. They will have to serve a higher and higher percentage of customers who refuse to wear masks. And most of the no-maskers do NOT have “medical conditions.”

    Thanks to Kim Reynolds, Iowa is now one of the Dumb-Dumb Duo states, per below.

    From ABC News — Of the 50 states, 48 either require masks to be worn statewide or have some sort of requirement in certain locales.

  • Our Hy-Vee is far more crowded with shoppers than any other grocery provider in our area. So, the most crowded store is letting people in without masks??? If masks don’t stop the spread of infection why do physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists where masks when caring for the ill in hospital??? Hospitals don’t spend lots of money on supplies they absolutely don’t need. Anti-science will get a lot of people killed.

  • Love this, forcing a choice on people to use your service is absurd. If you choose to wear a mask, that is your choice, if you choose not to also your choice, but why after 5 months is this all of a sudden a necessity? Great job Hy Vee by leaving the choices of individuals to themselves.

  • I appreciate HyVee being inclusive to all and allowing people to make choices. Thank you. We will continue to be loyal customers.

  • I work in a Hy-Vee pharmacy. We offer delivery, drive-through and mail out (in state). We still have customers at the counter who are picking up Rx’s without a mask on.

    To add to this we are soon to be offering a ‘minute clinic’ back this Fall. This is a college town and many of the young (mostly irresponsible) college students will be at our counter because this option is easier than the on-campus health center. From past experience many of these Ill people have to sit in front of the pharmacy waiting to be seen and again to get their Rx. Especially if this is a busy flu season. These people often shop while waiting. If you factor in the fact that some may have covid and are not required to mask up then we are endangering everyone. While it is preferred people make a reservation so they could get sent to the clinic specializing in covid instead, this is an imperfect world. Many people walk in without a reservation.

    Currently those who are considered essential workers (meat packers, teachers, grocery workers and all healthcare providers) are continually being put at greater and greater risk. So as you flaunt your bare face at us, consider this. If we can’t serve you when we are sick and dying who will. I dont think it is too much to ask to please wear a mask. At least you aren’t in one for almost 8 hours straight or dont have to wear multiple layers of disposable plastic, a mask, gloves, hair covering and a face shield all day like Dr’s and nurses do.

    I suggest when there is a vaccine all of you get to go to the back of the line!

  • and here I thought Hy-Vee valued their workers! Iowa City actually required masks everywhere but I will note that the maskless folks that don’t yet realize they might be contagious will all be going to Hy-Vee sos that’s one store chain I’ll be sure NOT to visit. Disappointed in how little you value the health of everyone in the community.

  • Hy-Vee – I will remember your callus disregard for my safety and the safety of my community. You won’t just lose my business for the duration of the pandemic – you will lose my business for life. Do you honestly think the mask crazies will care at all in 2 years that you implemented the same policies as Walmart?

  • Thank you Hy-Vee. Well done.
    Enough government control of private business and individual freedom for a while. The country was shut down for over a month, ruining businesses and lives. All of this was ordered by government officials that still had an income, while many of us had diminished or zero income. I work in a business that has a lot of one on one interaction with our customers. We do what’s comfortable for the customer in front of us. The employee has the choice to wear a mask if they want, but if the customer chooses not to wear a mask, the employee isn’t required either. We still have people that make comments because we don’t force everyone to wear a mask, but we are trying to compromise. We need our business to survive by keeping as many customers happy. We value our non-masked customers as much as our masked customers and respect the wishes of both sides of the issue. As with any business, let the people decide if they want to shop at HyVee. Because they give each individual the choice, it sounds like they are losing some customers. They’re also gaining new customers and making some existing customers even more loyal. They’re doing this by empowering the public to make the decision to shop there, or go elsewhere. That’s how a free market economy works. The public decides what businesses thrive or fail, not the government. HyVee is trying to compromise and show they value ALL of their customers. That’s how businesses succeed. Besides… HyVee employees wear masks, which according to the logic of the mask militia is 1000% effective at stopping COVID, Ebola, Arthritis, nightmares and even bad credit. Therefore the employees are safe. The customers in masks are totally safe as well, The only ones that need to worry are the free-thinking, freedom-loving deplorables who choose to do business at a business who values the choice of all their customers. Businesses survive and fail because of how they treat their customers, and HyVee knows this. If you don’t want to ever shop there again, it’s ok. They’ll be just fine.

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