DeVos Family Donates Big To Steve King’s Top GOP Opponent

By Adam Henderson

April 20, 2020

Steve King has been a Republican Congressman from Iowa since 2003, but this year faces a significant threat in the primary from Randy Feenstra. King was out-raised by Feenstra once again in the first quarter of 2020, as Feenstra took in nearly $123,000 compared to King’s $42,917.

The two are in the middle of a five-way contest for the Republican nomination in the June 2 primary.

One noteworthy addition to Feenstra’s fundraising report this past quarter was members of the DeVos family.

The family is well-known for its management of the Amway corporation and its involvement in Republican politics, and five different members of the DeVos family gave Feenstra a combined $16,800. This included donations from Daniel and Douglas DeVos, who are the brother-in-laws of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

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While top statewide Iowa Republicans have stayed neutral in the Republican primary, the donations show some interest by national Republicans to unseat King, who may believe that Feenstra would be able to keep the district in Republican hands. Democrat J.D. Scholten reported an impressive $715,092 cash on hand at the end of the quarter as he seeks to flip the district for his party.

The DeVos family has been active in Republican politics, and has donated to national politicians such as President Donald Trump, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst this quarter.

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Feenstra’s fundraising benefited from a number of people who donated the maximum amount this quarter, with 17 individuals or couples reaching the maximum contribution limit of $2,800 per individual or $5,600 per couple. Two of those who gave the limit were Dick and Lin Uihlein, an influential national Republican donor couple.

King, however, did not have a single person give the maximum limit this quarter.

Whether or not Feenstra can turn this fundraising advantage into a primary victory remains to be seen, but he has already begun airing television commercials, and will certainly be able to outspend King during the primary to boost his own name recognition.


by Adam Henderson
Posted 4/20/20

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