Iowa Opts Out Of Midwest Partnership On Coronavirus

Iowa has chosen not to be part of a coalition of states formed to address the spreading coronavirus across the region.

Today, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced Illinois will partner with Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Kentucky to work together to coordinate how to reopen the Midwestern economy.

Despite bordering three of those states, Iowa wasn’t included. Nebraska, the Dakotas and Missouri, also members of the region, were also left out.

According to Mark Maxwell: “Governors of Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota declined to join this regional pact between Midwest governors to coordinate when and how to re-open sectors of the economy, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.”

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Reynolds said she’ll continue to participate in conversation with the other governors, despite not being part of the partnership.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has had conversations with the governors of other states, though.

When asked at press conference, she said, “We’ve had conversations with the North Dakota governor, South Dakota governor, we’ve talked to the Wyoming governor, I’ve talked to Pete Ricketts, [Nebraska] Gov. Ricketts, we talk probably at least once a week if not more.” She also mentioned Missouri and Illinois.

She didn’t mention Minnesota or Wisconsin then.

The two groups have largely taken different approaches to handling the coronavirus.

Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota still haven’t issued stay-at-home orders for their states, while the others, including Missouri, have.

A press release from all of the governors said: “Here in the Midwest, we are bound by our commitment to our people and the community. We recognize that our economies are all reliant on each other, and we must work together to safely reopen them so hardworking people can get back to work and businesses can get back on their feet.”

Regional partnerships are becoming more common to discuss when to reopen economies or relax strict guidelines about staying home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Those include Washington, Oregon and California on the West Coast and New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the Northeast.


by Nikoel Hytrek
Posted 4/16/20

13 Comments on "Iowa Opts Out Of Midwest Partnership On Coronavirus"

  • Please go along with other states to lock down state so we can all get back to work. Out breaks are starting out in Hiawatha. It will take months to open up because it’s starting to go up in numbers. Is it ok to take peoples lives because of your stubbornness? It’s not.
    Please take note if it was your parents grandparents and children if you were in an invested area.

  • Once again I am disappointed in your response – you are not thinking Iowa – you are thinking Republican.

  • She has allowed the death count in Eastern Iowa to escalate, Johnson and Linn counties in particular. Irresponsible employers have not protected employees. And she’s willfully ignorant about asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers. Staying home when symptoms appear is too late & some never show symptoms.

  • This so called Governor of Iowa is just another Trump University graduate that is joined at the hip with the brain dead idiot in the WH.

  • We have nothing in common with Illinois Governor butterball of Illinois is trying to climb the democrats ladder and Michigan there governor is a dictator who want to follow them

  • Kim Reynolds, as our Governor you need to do what is best for the people.
    I thought you had woke up & seen this mess for what it is but again I am disappointed in your response –
    You are not thinking Iowa – you are thinking Republican.
    Follow Trump to hell…this will be remembered..
    We the people will do whats best for us over you if need be!

  • I suppose that Indiana’s and Ohio’s (hint – they’re Republicans!) governors are dictators, since they’re also a part of this consortium, too, or have you just not thought of derogatory terms for them, yet?

  • Everyone is so worried about politics, all politicians get together at the end of the day, and probably have a good laugh at (“The People”) us. I will not be a part of the charade. I will say this, many of us Iowans are very concerned, we have been quarantined at home with no testing, many were sick or still are but not confirmed, and others are not showing symptoms as of yet, or asymptomatic which is worse yet. Unfortunately a lot of people are not taking the virus seriously enough and out in public unprotected. I am here to say to those of you who keep on saying open up the state, wait until someone in your family is suffering, you will have a quick change of heart, I guarantee it. Let the governor do her job to the best of her ability and protect you and yours in the meantime. It’s that simple.

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