Biden’s New Endorsers: Two Iowa Legislators, Bonnie Campbell & More

Former Iowa Attorney General Bonnie Campbell and two state representatives are among those who announced their endorsements for Joe Biden for president this morning.

Campbell, who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, is praising Biden’s work on the Violence Against Women Act.

“As a United States Senator, Joe Biden did something nobody else could do — he wrote and passed the landmark Violence Against Women Act, which finally defined a woman’s fundamental human right to live free from violence,” Campbell said. “This law has changed – and saved – so many lives.”

Campbell was a 2002 Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame honoree for being a supporter of Women’s freedom from violence and was named one of the 25 influential people in America by Time Magazine in 1997 alongside John McCain and Madeleine Albright.

“Joe has all the characteristics we hope for in an American president. His example taught us all how to deal with life’s challenges with grace, strength, faith, dignity and courage,” Campbell said. “For the Iowans looking to caucus for a candidate who can truly transform aspirational ideas into real legislative solutions, I hope you’ll join me in Joe’s corner.”

State Representative John Forbes, who hosted Senator Elizabeth Warren at his pharmacy in Urbandale in late 2019, is also on Biden’s newest list of endorsers.

“Without question, Joe Biden is the most qualified candidate running for president,” Forbes said. “After serving alongside President Obama, Joe is prepared to hit the ground running on day one and address our issues both at home and abroad. We have a lot to correct after the damage done these past four years — not just with policy, but to restore the values America stands for and to bring our country together again.”

State Representative Mary Gaskill, of Ottumwa, is on the list as well.

She said she took her time making her decision on who to endorse and has met nearly all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

“While we have many excellent candidates, Joe Biden stands out to me as not only the most authentic, but also the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in November,” Gaskill said. “Joe is a person of unquestionable character, and as the author of the Violence Against Women Act, he has been a champion of women’s rights throughout his career in public service. Beating Donald Trump starts right here in Iowa, so on caucus night, I will be in Joe’s corner.”

The two join eight other current state senators and representatives who are endorsing Biden, as well as US Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer. Former Governor and First Lady of Iowa Tom and Christie Vilsack have also endorsed Biden and have been spending time on the campaign trail with the former Vice President.

Other new endorsements include former state Sen. Staci Appel and Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker, who had both previously endorsed Steve Bullock and Cody Leistikow, a labor activist from Black Hawk County who had endorsed Cory Booker.

Here’s the full list of Biden’s newest endorsers:

  • Bonnie Campbell, former Iowa Attorney General from Des Moines
  • Tom Hockensmith, Polk County Supervisor from Des Moines
  • Mary Gaskill, Iowa State Representative from Ottumwa
  • John Forbes, Iowa State Representative from Urbandale
  • Cynthia Forbes, Community Leader from Urbandale
  • Eric Van Lancker, Clinton County Auditor from Clinton
  • Staci Appel, former Iowa State Senator from Indianola
  • Jerry Kearns, former Iowa State Representative from Keokuk
  • Will Overstreet, Iowa National Guard veteran and educator from Cedar Falls
  • Cody Leistikow, labor activist from Waterloo
  • Mary Elgar, former Henry County Democrats Chair from Mount Pleasant


by Paige Godden
Posted 1/22/20

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  • The Iowa Democratic Party establishment is coming out in droves for Biden. These are the same folks who did the same for Hillary’s 2016 losing campaign that resulted in some caucus night shenanigans. Buyer beware – think for yourself when it comes caucus night instead of listening to career politicians who “know better than you do”. Please do your independent homework on the candidates and by all means attend the caucus and bring a neighbor. Future of Iowa’s first in the nation caucus is on shaky ground as it is.

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