Iowa Fire Fighters Union Endorse Biden

The Iowa Professional Fire Fighters union has voted to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Iowa Caucuses.

“Vice President Biden is honored and humbled to have the endorsement of the Iowa Professional Fire Fighters. Every day, Iowa’s firefighters put their lives on the line in communities across our state,” said Biden’s Iowa State Director Jake Braun. “As he has throughout his life, Vice President Biden remains committed to ensuring fire fighters have the resources, tools and support they need to return home safely to their families.”

“Iowa firefighters run toward danger to protect the communities they serve — and they know Vice President Biden will never waver in his support for our first responders,” Braun said.

Iowa Professional Fire Fighters President Doug Neys told Iowa Starting Line last week he expected his group to endorse Biden at the group’s convention in Iowa City June 20 and 21.

The firefighters welcomed Biden and introduced him before he went on stage during several stops in Iowa. The International Association of Fire Fighters endorsed Biden shortly after his official announcement, and Biden himself spoke on the campaign trail here about how first responders saved his sons’ lives.

Neys said the fire fighters liked Biden’s message of building a strong middle class and supporting unions during his swing through Iowa.

“As a labor organization, union is not a dirty word. It does help a lot of people,” Neys said.

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by Paige Godden
Posted 6/23/19

2 Comments on "Iowa Fire Fighters Union Endorse Biden"

  • The coronation begins. I encourage everyone to do their research and avoid the “lockstep” mentality just because
    the union fatcats endorsed the former vice president. Joe’s Iowa Caucus track record is spotty and I remember when his failing 1987 campaign ended due to plagiarism. He reminds me a lot of another former vice president- Walter Mondale. Ole Fritz was a union darling and was endorsed by nearly every union on his way to a 49 state electoral
    landslide defeat.

    As yourself,”Is Biden really the best our party can offer in 2020??”

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