Congressman David Young’s Bogus 60 Second Surveys

Each week Congressman David Young sends out a “60 Second Survey” seeking the opinion of those who read his weekly newsletters. He should be commended for seeking feedback from constituents, but virtually all of his surveys are bogus or – at best – disingenuous.

Last week he stated, “If people – as many have wished – get their way and the ACA continues to remain the exact same as it was signed into law by President Obama, the health care access for tens of thousands of Iowans begins to dry up. If President Obama’s law is not changed by a single word, every single one of the residents not getting their insurance through their employer or on another government health care program in the sixteen counties of the Third Congressional District would be left with zero health care options.”

Here is an excerpt from the Young survey:

Of course, like so many of his colleagues, the option to “fix the ACA” is not a choice and, for the GOP and Congressman Young, has never been an option.

This was particularly apparent when he first voted against the first round of “repeal and replace” by the House. But, only 24 hours before the vote on the second proposal (pronounced dead on arrival by Senate Republicans) his office assured callers that he would vote against this futile effort again.  But, LO AND BEHOLD, he reversed himself with a vote of approval the next day (it is amazing what a little political blackmail can do)!

Voters want to “drain the swamp” of mindless politics in Washington and the popularity of Congress is at an all-time low. Congressman Young is now showing his true colors asking constituents to respond to weekly surveys after setting up each question with bogus facts or biased opinion. Regarding the ACA, he takes no blame for stonewalling any changes that would help improve the program.

President Trump, Congressman Young and his House colleagues would have us believe that the collapse of the ACA will be blamed on Democrats. But they own it now, and self-serving surveys will not change the outcome.


by Tim Urban
Posted 5/23/17

3 Comments on "Congressman David Young’s Bogus 60 Second Surveys"

  • …and, of course with leading questions like that example, which have no “good” answer, you’re damned if you do (fill it out) or damned if you don’t. Fill it out and you give Young (and other politicians who engage in this practice) the response he’s led you to select; don’t fill it out and you’re apathetic and your opinion doesn’t count. The more idiotic the agenda being pushed, the more leading the “questions”.

  • I was uncomfortable taking the surveys the way they were worded and emailed to ask the Congressman to add a comment area so I could comment on the phrasing and challenge, if need be, the way questions were asked, which he did. I still don’t like the false equivalence she uses, but at least now I can challenge them. I hope others will do so as well.

  • The ACA was at best a step in the right direction , but only that “a step” nothing more . This is what we the people have become accustomed to receiving from our legislatures . I’m sure nobody remembers that when Obama first ran and proposed health care reform that his major point was a single payer system , taking out all the (foxes in the henhouse) factors that have led to the extreme high expense of healthcare over the last 50 plus years . The democrats then in power still placated too the profiteers that caused the inequities in the first place, and so gave us the flawed ACA . We accepted it as ” well you know it’s the best we can get” ! Same old B.S. ! Now the republicans are in charge and their fix is no better, because their plan just reshuffles the deck leaving the same contributing profiteers in charge ! The ACA only managed in its early conception to slow the average rise in the cost of healthcare and the republican plan will do no better than slow the cost also . The ACA was never going to be sustainable without huge tax giveaways to the profiteers contributing cost to the system . The republican plan as it is now proposed (still waiting on the Senate} keeps the tax giveaways at a smaller proportion by going back to the practices of the past which is everyman for himself approach . Greed is the driving factor with this plan which allows the profiteers to do as they have in the past and the constituents the republicans represent, the choice of gambling once again with their own healthcare needs and say to themselves ” gee it’s too bad that Bob and Mary, our neighbors lost everything because of Mary’s illness ” .

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