Steve King Suggests Some Additions To Donald Trump’s Wall

The Iowa State Fair kicked off today, as did the Des Moines Register’s Soapbox series. There’s not a non-stop schedule of presidential candidates on stage this year, but most of Iowa’s candidates for federal office will speak. Steve King was the first up on Thursday morning. As expected, the 4th District Republican had some interesting things to say. King focused a lot on the presidential politics of 2016 and very little on his own reelection race against Democrat Kim Weaver. He was famously hesitant on Donald Trump’s candidacy earlier this year, but explained to the crowd that the Republican national […]

Why Western Iowa Keeps Voting For Steve King

After two straight weeks of Steve King racial controversies, much of the country is once again asking: how on earth does this man keep getting reelected? It’s an understandable conundrum about a Congressman who displays a Confederate flag on his desk, who repeatedly defended his belief that white Christians contributed more to civilization than any other “sub-group,” along with his many other past controversial statements. King has made a career out of outlandish and inflammatory rhetoric, often on racial topics. It’s diminished his role in his party in Congress and he’s come under criticism from fellow Republicans at times. And […]

Steve King Goes Full Racist – Says Whites Contribute Most To Civilization

When news emerged last week that Iowa Congressman Steve King displays a Confederate flag on his desk in his official office, most had a pretty good idea why. King removed all doubt in an interview today on MSNBC. The seven-term Congressman from Western Iowa, well-known for often using racially-charged language, joined Chris Hayes for a panel discussion about the Republican convention. They began with King talking about his past support for Ted Cruz, but how the Congressman was encouraged by the people Donald Trump was starting to surround himself with, and how they might influence his thinking on policy. Then the […]

Is That… Yep, Steve King Has A Confederate Flag On His Desk

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King appeared on a story on Sioux City’s KCAU TV this Friday, talking about the bill he introduced named “Sarah’s Law.” King explains how his law would change ICE deportation policies in honor of Sarah Root, a young woman killed by an undocumented immigrant while at… Wait, wait a second… What’s that on Steve King’s desk in that shot? Is that a Confederate flag? Yep, that’s what is, alright. Because of course it is. Of course it is. Yes, it appears King has a whole little collection of flags on the desk where he works on crafting the nation’s […]

It’s Time For Democrats To Vote Republican (In Steve King’s Primary)

Democrats in Western Iowa are used to voting against Steve King. They’ve done it year in and year out, always to no avail. It’s become a bit of a ritual: each campaign cycle a Democrat announces his or her candidacy and all the activists get excited that maybe this year will be the one that the despised King is finally sent packing. It never works. And then those Democrats have to go back to explaining to their friends how they live in Steve King country. But 2016 could be different. Because this year King faces something a little different: a […]

Iowa Already The Center Of The Political Universe Again

That didn’t take long. A mere seven weeks ago the TV satellite trucks and campaign headquarters packed up and headed out from Iowa following the caucus. As it happens every four years, the national spotlight flickers out on Iowa in the blink of an eye, with all the political staff and reporters that we’ve become friends with vanishing to now more-interesting states. Iowa doesn’t quite turn into a pumpkin, but we’re certainly not a fancy stagecoach anymore. But guess what? The political gods determined this couldn’t stand for long and have thrust Iowa back into center stage. As is only […]

Steve King’s 2016 Pick Would Damage 4th District’s Economy Most

Congressman Steve King’s endorsement of Ted Cruz for the Iowa Caucus yesterday morning didn’t come as too shocking a surprise. With Cruz gaining the most traction of any of the Tea Party/evangelical Republicans, Iowa’s conservative leaders have gravitated toward backing the Texas Senator in hopes of uniting that wing of the party for caucus night. King’s own son joined one of the Cruz Super PACs this summer, and Cruz and King hunted together recently in Northwest Iowa. “[Cruz] has an unmatched intellect grounded in constitutionalism, the rule of law, and American exceptionalism,” King said in endorsing Cruz. “He knows how […]

Democrats Expect Kim Weaver To Challenge Steve King

Starting Line hears from Democrats throughout Iowa’s 4th Congressional District that Kim Weaver is likely to challenge Steve King in 2016, though a formal decision may still be a ways off. Weaver is a well-known party activist and local AFSCME member who serves on the IDP’s State Central Committee. She’s also the chair of the O’Brien County Democrats, and has gotten recognition in recent years for her role in putting together the SOLO Democrats – a joint organization of Democrats in Sioux, O’Brien, Lyon and Osceola counties in the Northwest corner of Iowa, the most Republican area of the state. […]

It’s All About That Base for Speakers at Steve King Summit

More than 20 Republican leaders in all addressed Steve King’s Freedom Summit on Saturday, speaking to a crowd composed of the most conservative voting bloc in American politics. It was mostly what we’ve come to expect from candidates trying to appeal to what they think the far-right Fox News crowd wants to hear. The more conservative speakers all attempted to out-do each other with bombastic, red-meat zingers, insults about President Obama, and constant references to radical Islam. The very right-wing crowd ate it up. Still, while many in the audience likely left with hoarse voices from cheering so much, the […]

King’s Newest Offensive Comments Ill-Timed

Republican leaders and consultants were probably letting out sighs of annoyance on Tuesday night upon seeing Iowa Representative Steve King’s newest offensive comment pop up on their Twitter feed. “#Obama perverts “prosecutorial discretion” by inviting a deportable to sit in place of honor at #SOTU w/1st Lady. I should sit with Alito,” read his tweet. King was probably referring to the undocumented immigrant, Ana Zamora, who was sitting next to Michelle Obama. It was yet another in a long line of questionable or outright offensive statements when referring to undocumented immigrants for King. Some Republicans will likely defend him or […]