Republicans Own The Zika Virus Epidemic

Since February Republicans have repeatly been warned by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it was inevitable that the Zika virus would invade America unless Congress provided the CDC the critical funds needed to battle the invasion. Now, six months later, pregnant women and women hoping to get pregnant in South Florida are terrified over the growing Zika epidemic. In the past three weeks, the number of confirmed Zika infections in the greater Miami area has increased to 36 and have pregnant women in the area panicked with fear. Some are literally hiding in their homes, afraid […]

At Forums Democrats Spar Over Labels In 1st District, Mostly Agree In 3rd District

Tornadoes to the southwest of Des Moines threatened to cut short the 3rd District Democrats’ forum in Johnston on Wednesday night, but the candidates in the room were at least all blowing in the same direction on policy issues. Meanwhile, the 1st District forum proved a much stormier affair with Pat Murphy constantly pressing Monica Vernon on her past Republican Party affiliation. The difference in tone and discussion was sharp between the 1st and 3rd candidates. It was clear there’s some real animosity between the two 1st District rivals who battled in the 2014 primary as well. The 3rd District […]

Monica Vernon and Jim Mowrer Outraise Incumbents Rod Blum and David Young

Iowa looks to play an important role in control over the U.S. House of Representatives this November. If 2016’s 1st Quarter fundraising reports are any indication, Republicans face some real problems in the Hawkeye State. Iowa’s two most-vulnerable incumbents, Republican first-termers Rod Blum and David Young put up smaller fundraising totals than some of their potential Democratic opponents. In Iowa’s 1st District, Monica Vernon reported raising $335,052 in the 1st Quarter. Blum raised $292,991 this quarter. This marks the fourth quarter in a row that Vernon has outraised Blum. The incumbent Republican still enjoys a cash-on-hand advantage of $1,273,400 to Vernon’s $774,631, […]

Rod Blum Wishes A Recession On A Major American City

  Most politicians typically advocate for more jobs and economic development. Unless you’re Rod Blum, apparently. The Iowa Congressman from the 1st District set off a small firestorm of controversy and criticism on Tuesday evening when he tweeted out from his personal account that he hoped the city of Washington D.C. would suffer an economic recession. Why would he wish such a thing on American people? Because apparently he was upset by some construction cranes he saw in the D.C. area, and figured that economic success there was bad and only caused by misspent taxpayer dollars. There’s more than one problem […]

1st District Fundraising: Patel Leads, Vernon’s OK, Blum’s Lousy

The 1st quarter fundraising reports came out recently, and the race for Iowa’s 1st District continues to be one of the most interesting in the country. Let’s take a look at the numbers: Rod Blum Raised – Individuals: $49,043 Raised – PACs: $70,499 Raised – Candidate Loans: $500,000 Total: $620,512 Spent: $20,697 Cash on Hand: $644, 373 Let’s start with the incumbent. Freshman Congressman Rod Blum did himself no favors in dismissing the idea that he’s the most vulnerable Republican in the country. He raised an anemic $49,043 from individual donors, and another $70,499 from PACs, which included the likes […]

GOPers Brag of Flying Flag for Ag in Hopes of Rural Vote Snag

It felt like caucus season once again this weekend with multiple likely Republican candidates and the entire national press showing up in Des Moines for the Ag Summit. Bruce Rastetter, in an obvious attempt to make himself a caucus kingmaker, hosted the event and did a Q&A with every White House hopeful, while other speakers gave prepared remarks at the podium. On the issues, there was very little disagreement outside of immigration and the Renewable Fuel Standard. All the Republicans were against EPA regulations, opposed trade with Cuba while supporting trade with China, and criticized GMO labeling. No two candidates […]

Vernon’s In. Former SNL Actor and More May Join Race for Congress in IA-01

Less than three months after Rod Blum’s election to Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, Democrats are lining up to get another crack at the Democratic-leaning seat. Cedar Rapids businesswoman Monica Vernon announced her second bid on Thursday. Vernon enters the race in a much stronger position than she did last time, when she was a little-known city councilwoman facing questions about her past Republican affiliation. Her presence on the Democrats’ statewide ticket quieted that narrative, and it also introduced her to activists and donors around the state.