Few Republicans Try To Close The Deal At Big GOP Event

The Republican Party of Iowa’s Growth And Opportunity event on Saturday was meant as a sort of replacement for the Iowa Straw Poll, and judging from many of the candidates’ speeches you’d think they were still in that August mindset. Few of the White House hopefuls deviated from their typical stump speeches. Despite being a mere three months from the Iowa Caucus, many contenders’ pitches remain in the introductory stage. That seemed odd considering most of the 2,000 attendees at the event were involved party activists who have seen all of these people at events or watched them online. The […]

Mike Huckabee: Democratic Role Model

If you follow politics closely, you hear the same ideas repeated over and over. A common refrain repeated on cable news every few days (or hours) is: Talking Head 1: “No one can beat Hillary Clinton,” Talking Head 2: “That’s what people said in 2008. And then Obama did.” Every time I hear those statements I want to scream. (Instead I’m writing a blog post about it … thanks Patrick.) I’m not upset because I think Hillary is unbeatable. Anyone can lose and you just never know when some skeleton is going to escape from a closet. (Or crawl out […]

Mike Huckabee’s Indefensible Defense of the Duggars

Here’s a tip: if you’re running for president, don’t strongly publicly defend a child molester. Mike Huckabee didn’t seem to ever get that memo. On Thursday he posted to Facebook an inexplicable defense of the Duggar family, following the revelations that oldest son Josh had sexually molested some of his young sisters. For those who haven’t followed the Duggar child molestation story, you really need to check it out – read the incredible In Touch story that broke the news. Huckabee tries to pass off the situation as a case of a “blood-thirsty” liberal media set out to beat up […]

Republican Announce-A-Palooza. Who Really Has a Chance?

April showers must bring May Republican presidential announcements… or something like that. Three White House hopefuls have tossed their hat in the ring in just two days: Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson on Monday, and Mike Huckabee today. Let’s take a look at whether they actually have a chance, or if they’re just one of many in the ever-expanding GOP field: Mike Huckabee Republican voters wanting a dose of that old-time religion in their politics has a familiar old candidate back in the race in 2016. Mike Huckabee announced in his (and Bill Clinton’s) hometown of Hope, Arkansas this morning. […]

The Republican Bachelor – Who’s In Iowa for the Right Reasons?

Just as the Republican presidential race heats up in Iowa, the state’s own Chris Soules will be ending his much-hyped run on ABC’s The Bachelor. Sorry to disappoint, Democratic ladies, but Chris is a big Republican. He’s already met several of the presidential hopefuls, and Starting Line strongly believes that Chris will publicly endorse in the Iowa Caucus. Don’t discount him as just some reality TV star. He’s the most popular leading man The Bachelor has had in years, particularly in his native Iowa. An endorsement could grab attention from a large base of young people who aren’t typically engaged […]