Missing an Opportunity? Democrats’ Marijuana Stance and the Millennial Vote

These days, pretty much everyone is talking about pot – except for national Democrats. And that might be a mistake on their part, because discussing marijuana legalization could be the way into the hearts of millennial voters. A PEW Researcher poll from April 2015 shows that 53% of respondents are in favor of legalizing marijuana, a huge jump from 2006, when 32% were in support. The millennial generation represents the greatest jump in support; 68% of millennials support marijuana legalization in 2015, compared to only 34% in 2006. Despite this increase in pro-legalization desires, though, none of the national Democratic […]

New Legislator Profile: Liz Bennett

If you’re not in the room where decisions are being made, you might not like what choices others are making for you. That’s the advice a Cornell College professor gave Liz Bennett about eight years ago. “Women your age take for granted all of the things that you have,” she recalls as the words the instructor said that lit a fire in her to get engaged in politics. Now Bennett is in the room, one that makes some of the most important decisions in the state: the Iowa House of Representatives. The 32-year-old was elected to House District 65 in […]