How The Heck Did Lincoln Chafee Get Elected In The First Place?

Lincoln Chafee made his official debut to the nation on CNN’s debate stage Tuesday night and … it didn’t go so hot. He received only about nine minutes in speaking time – far less than the other candidates – and yet didn’t even need that much to show how deeply out of his league he stands in this presidential race. In an embarrassing performance panned by nearly every debate review, Chafee struggled to make coherent arguments, blamed a bad vote on a key banking regulation on it being his first day on the job and got completely shot down by […]

Jim Webb Shines, Lincoln Chafee Bombs At Labor Convention

Four of the five Democrats running for President spoke to an AFL-CIO convention at Prairie Meadows Casino in Altoona, giving Iowa labor leaders a policy-focused look at their potential candidates. Richard Trumka, the national president of the AFL-CIO sat on a panel of four to quiz the White House hopefuls on working class issues. Only Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to make the event, denying a chance for labor to get her to commit one way or the other on $15/hour. The event was last Thursday, but with the GOP debate on immediately afterwards this post got delayed. We’ve written plenty […]

Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Democrats (July)

I’ll be honest: last week I had a different idea of how I was going to rank this. I planned on taking the bold step of putting Bernie Sanders at number one, making the argument that if the Iowa Caucus were to be held today, he’d win it. Despite the Clinton organizing advantage, the sheer enthusiasm of the Sanders surge right now would flood caucus precincts with too many new Bernie-backing voters, and Clinton would narrowly lose out. I even had a really awesome opening line for the lede, which I’m sad I can’t use now. But such a move […]