The Battle For March: Previewing The Kansas Caucus

With the South Carolina primary complete, the first four primary and caucus states are finally done for Democrats. Now eyes turn to the Super Tuesday states, but a collection of contests a few days later on March 5th could mark a Bernie Sanders comeback or solidify Hilary Clinton’s delegate dominance. The Kansas Caucus offers an opportunity for Sanders to notch another statewide win in his belt with the state’s largely white demographics and caucus format that in theory benefits a progressive challenger. Clinton’s team, even after their large South Carolina win, is taking nothing for granted and is looking to win […]

Ready-To-Go Grassroots Armies Greet Sanders Campaign In March States

Linda Anderson admits she’s a bit of a CSPAN nerd. That’s where she first developed her affection for Bernie Sanders, watching his lively speeches on the floor of the U.S. Senate. She also was a devoted fan of “Brunch with Bernie,” the weekly segment on Thom Hartmann’s radio program. So when the talk of a potential presidential run started, she quickly jumped to action. “When I heard he might run, I got really excited,” Anderson recalled, who received an email from a national progressive group (she thinks it was that encouraged supporters to set up local meetings. She did, […]

Kansas Caucus: How The Heck Do You Organize A 14-County Caucus?

There are some liberals in southwestern Kansas, including those in a place actually named Liberal, the Kansas town on the Oklahoma border with a majority Hispanic population and the self-appointed home of Dorothy. But for the Liberal liberals who want to make an impact in the Democratic nomination race, they’ll have to leave early on March 5th to drive the hour and a half to their caucus site in Dodge City. Many Democrats living in the western half of the state face long drives next Saturday afternoon because Kansas Democrats organize their caucuses by senate districts, of which there are 40 in the […]