Jim Mowrer Is The Right Fit For Iowa

Jim Mowrer, a lifelong Iowan, has an astonishing record of military service. First as part of a unit that served the longest tour in Iraq followed by a game-changing position at the Pentagon. He thoroughly understands what is needed to keep Iowans and Americans safe in a dangerous world. As a veteran he has a unique perspective in assisting his brothers and sisters who have served. Jim worked at the Pentagon in greening the Army through the advancement of renewables and conservation while saving American taxpayers $3.5 billion. He has demonstrated his commitment to cleaning up our water, growing our […]

A Day On The Trail With Jim Mowrer

Jim Mowrer has heard this speech before. Sitting at a table in Plymouth Church’s Waveland Hall two weeks ago, Mowrer listened as Mike Sherzan gave his pitch about his business background and issues he cared about. The speech Desmund Adams gave later hit on his usual key topics of building coalitions to win elections. And when Mowrer got up to address the 50 attendees at the early morning Women for a Concerned America organization, he slid easily into his own talking points. “My entire career has been about service to Iowa and service to my country,” Mowrer says. “I grew […]

First Critical Ad Up In 3rd District Primary, Other Hits Surface

Just mid-last week, the campaigns of Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan were discussing a pledge to keep things positive for the remainder of the 3rd District primary. Whatever loose agreement they constructed quickly went out the window at the 3rd District debate last Wednesday, though the criticisms there of each other were relatively light. Democrats in the Des Moines/Council Bluffs district have wondered for a while if the candidates would begin criticizing each other, given that some believe that Sherzan and Mowrer could end up in a very tight race on election night. Today, however, the 3rd District race has moved into […]

Here’s How Each 3rd District Democrat Made Their Pitch To Beat David Young

The Johnston and Urbandale Democrats hosted the three hopefuls looking to take on David Young – Desmund Adams, Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan – for the Des Moines/Council Bluffs-based 3rd District. About four dozen local Democrats filled the seats at the Johnston Public Library, well-fed that evening with a large bounty of cookies from local volunteers. Local State House candidate Maridith Morris and State Senate candidate Miyoko Hikiji gave their campaign pitches before the forum kicked off. Tornadoes to the southwest of Des Moines threatened to possibly cut the night short, but the most severe weather held off (thankfully, as […]

Monica Vernon and Jim Mowrer Outraise Incumbents Rod Blum and David Young

Iowa looks to play an important role in control over the U.S. House of Representatives this November. If 2016’s 1st Quarter fundraising reports are any indication, Republicans face some real problems in the Hawkeye State. Iowa’s two most-vulnerable incumbents, Republican first-termers Rod Blum and David Young put up smaller fundraising totals than some of their potential Democratic opponents. In Iowa’s 1st District, Monica Vernon reported raising $335,052 in the 1st Quarter. Blum raised $292,991 this quarter. This marks the fourth quarter in a row that Vernon has outraised Blum. The incumbent Republican still enjoys a cash-on-hand advantage of $1,273,400 to Vernon’s $774,631, […]

Mike Sherzan Launches Campaign, Mowrer Releases More Endorsements

The Democrats’ race for the 3rd District nomination got a little more crowded today as West Des Moines businessman Mike Sherzan jumped into the race. Sherzan ran briefly for the seat back in 2013, and has been considering a new campaign for several months. We spoke with him on his thoughts for the 3rd last month. “My parents raised four children on my father’s salary as a salesman,” Sherzan said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “He taught us that if we worked hard, we could succeed. But today, many hardworking Iowa families are struggling to keep up. We […]

Jim Mowrer Launches 3rd District Run

Democrats now have two candidates in the 3rd District Congressional race to oust Republican David Young. Jim Mowrer announced this morning he’s launching his own candidacy for the seat, having previously run last year against Steve King. “With encouragement from folks across the district, family and friends, I am proud and enthusiastic to announce my campaign for the 3rd Congressional District,” said Mowrer in a press release. “Congress isn’t working. What we need is leadership willing to put Iowa’s middle class before parties and politics – that’s exactly why I’m running and what I’ll do.” In an interview with the […]

Some Labor Leaders Quietly Encouraging Jim Mowrer to Run in 3rd District

Several Iowa labor leaders have been privately encouraging Jim Mowrer to take another stab at running for Congress. But this time around the goal is running in the 3rd District against David Young – info Starting Line hears from sources close to Mowrer and others in Des Moines. Mowrer recently moved from Boone to Des Moines, to a home he’s owned for seven years. Mowrer impressed many in Iowa with a well-run campaign against Steve King in 2014 that raised nearly $2.2 million, though came up significantly short in votes on Election Day in a Republican wave year. Many want […]

Rumor Roundup: Ravi Patel’s Super PAC, Webb’s Loss, Adams In, Bertrand for Governor

We hear all kinds of interesting things here at Starting Line, and figured it was about time for another fun Rumor Roundup. Here’s the latest political chatter making its way around Iowa: Super PACs Coming in 1st District Primary All the cool kids these days are getting their own Super PACs. Starting Line hears that the initial stages of setting up a Super PAC for Ravi Patel, Democratic candidate in the 1st District, is underway. Jeff Link, Bruce Braley’s top strategist from the Senate campaign, is rumored to head up the effort. A number of firms in D.C. are reportedly […]

10 Iowa Democrats Who Can Lead the Party Back to Power

Iowa Democrats have reason for optimism as they look to the future, despite the terrible results from the 2014 election. A crop of inspiring leaders are looking for their moment on the bigger stage. Republicans like Terry Branstad and Chuck Grassley won’t be around in office forever, but even before they depart, multiple opportunities exist for Democrats to retake power in Iowa. The potential Democratic candidates include veterans, clean energy leaders, business entrepreneurs, and young people. Even though state Republicans boast about having a deeper bench of future candidates, Democrats certainly aren’t in a “Help us Liz Mathis, you’re our […]