Jill Stein Supporters Doubt Sanders Loss, Rally For Green Party In Des Moines

At times during Jill Stein’s Des Moines rally yesterday, you could have closed your eyes and imagined you were right back at a Bernie Sanders caucus event. All the old hallmarks were there: income inequality, marijuana laws and oil pipelines were the big themes of the day, old Sanders t-shirts adorned many in the crowd and the attendees were the same mix of young and old progressives, many with colorful hair, that flocked to the Vermont Senator’s campaign. But giving the speech at the end of the rally this time was Stein, the Green Party’s presidential nominee, the new voice of the […]

Gary Johnson Files Candidacy Papers For Iowa Ballot

Today is the final day for federal candidates to file their paperwork to get on the Iowa ballot. Gary Johnson’s supporters turned in their papers this morning, confirmed the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, the last of the four most well-known candidates to do so. There’s a one-week period for which objections can be filed that ends next Friday. As of 3:00 PM, Republican and former CIA operative Evan McMullin had not submitted papers for his independent, anti-Trump bid (some of his supporters were collecting signatures outside the Iowa State Fair earlier this week). [Update: McMullin did file his paperwork to […]