Clinton And Democrats Build An Army In Iowa For November

While the media’s spotlight will be solely fixed upon the Republicans and Democrats’ conventions this week and next, the behind-the-scenes campaign efforts go forward on the ground in Iowa. And like in many other swing states key to winning the presidency, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have built a huge operation here to turn out voters. Clinton’s campaign sent a small handful of key operatives from her Iowa Caucus operation back to the state starting in April. Kane Miller, Clinton’s Regional Field Director for Polk County during the caucus, worked behind the scenes until being named the Clinton state director […]

McGuire Wins 4-Way Race to Lead Iowa Democrats

On an unseasonably warm Saturday that felt like a spring thaw, top Democratic activists from around the state looked to shake off the cold reality of their 2014 losses and chart a new course forward to victory. The party’s state central committee met in Des Moines to choose a new state chair out of a field of four candidates. A competitive race for party chair is extremely rare, and there was intense behind-the-scenes campaigning in recent weeks to win over the 44 voting members, to the point where some members apparently stopped answering their phone. Dr. Andy McGuire touted her […]