2020 Candidates Weigh In On Church and State

While there are strong protections for religious freedom in America, arguments about how religious freedom mixes with legislation has been a contentious topic for as long as the country has existed. When candidates make it to office, striking a balance between the two is a must, and an issue that has Constitutional connections. After all, the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” So how do the candidates view that separation? How will they uphold it? How would they navigate a conflict between their religious beliefs and their […]

Michael Bennet’s Education Plan Is More Than An Appointment

Much like Jay Inslee became the preeminent voice in the Democratic Party on climate change, Michael Bennet of Colorado has presented himself as the leading expert on public education. He spent yesterday in Iowa at a series of education-related roundtables and policy roll-outs, drawing on his experience as the former superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. “I do believe that there’s nobody in the field who’s had the same kind of experiences I’ve had with public education,” Bennet said yesterday at a campaign event in Des Moines. “And I think that would help, when we have a world with the […]

New Castro Endorsers Emphasize Pledge To Fight For Everyone

Julian Castro, the former Secretary of Housing Urban Development under President Barack Obama, announced a new list of Iowa endorsements on Thursday. Four of the eight individuals have a connection to organizations advocating for Latinx Americans, particularly the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Those are: Jonathan Munoz, the LULAC Council 308 President Andrew Bribriesco, legal advisor for LULAC Maria Mellado, the Mount Pleasant LULAC council president Adalberto “Beto” Castrejon, the former president of the University of Northern Iowa Hispanic Latino Student Union. “I support Secretary Castro because he ‘walks the walk.’ He does not just talk about the […]

Beto O’Rourke Returns To Iowa With Renewed Focus, Passion

Beto O’Rourke returned to Iowa Tuesday evening with a fiery message to restart his campaign for president. The event was called “An Iowa Conversation: Standing up to Trump,” and during the event O’Rourke continued to condemn white supremacy. O’Rourke took a break from the campaign trail after a terrorist shooter killed 22 people at a Walmart on August 3 in his hometown of El Paso. That mass shooting, the deadliest in the United States this year, was a focal point of O’Rourke’s appearance. O’Rourke focused specifically on the amount of hate pointed at immigrants as the cause of the shooting. […]

New Themes, Familiar Lines; Candidates’ Changing Iowa Messages

This weekend, most of the field of Democratic candidates returned to Iowa to connect with voters in the first caucus state. The last time so many were in the state at one time was in early June, at the Hall of Fame Dinner in Cedar Rapids. Candidates went to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, appeared at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding and a handful showed up to the Passport to Victory in Central City out in Linn County. So, did they say anything new? The answer is mixed. Many candidates, even the well-known ones, took time at the […]

Democrats Talk Native Rights During Meskwaki Powwow In Iowa

Honor, respect and unity were the themes of the 105th Annual Meskwaki Powwow held yesterday in Iowa. Montana Governor Steve Bullock and author Marianne Williamson were there in the afternoon to share in the occasion. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker appeared in the evening. Beto O’Rourke was scheduled to be there, too, but he spent the weekend in El Paso, his hometown, where people are recovering from last weekend’s mass shooting that killed 22. The Meskwaki Settlement is Iowa’s lone tribal settlement, situated in Tama County in Central Iowa. There’s about 1,300 members of the Meskwaki tribe, around 800 of […]

Delaney To Red County Democrats: You’re Not Alone

With his week-long trek across Iowa during State Fair week, John Delaney is making efforts to reach out to rural voters in conservative areas. Today, Delaney and his Iowa team was in Pella, Iowa for an ambitious task: knock the door of every Democrat in town in one day. Even in a heavily-conservative town like Pella, that’s an undertaking. During his remarks, Delaney focused on solving problems with solutions that will work. “Real plans, not impossible promises,” he said. By coming to smaller towns in conservative areas of Iowa, Delaney said he wanted to reach voters everywhere because he’s running […]

Gov. Steve Bullock Rolls Out Six More Iowa Endorsements

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is rolling out his second round of Iowa endorsements today, which includes six Iowa Democrats, just days before the Iowa State Fair. Several of them hail from rural, Republican-leaning counties, and they include former secretary of agriculture candidate Tim Gannon’s parents. Bill and Kathleen Gannon of Mingo, Iowa are both now supporting Bullock for the caucus. Bill Gannon is a former state legislator and past Democratic candidate for governor. They farm in Jasper County. “Simply put: As president, Governor Bullock will get the job done,” said Bill Gannon in a press release. “I believe that with […]

Shaving Heads, Taking Commit Cards: A Cory Booker Day On The Trail

Studies have shown that bald men are perceived as more intelligent, mature and as more dominant leaders than their hair-laden counterparts. If that’s the case, then Cory Booker not only brought three charitable Iowans into his chrome dome club, he enhanced their social standing as well. Such was part of wild, amusing, day-long Iowa Caucus visit made by Booker this past Friday, traveling from Council Bluffs to Des Moines, hosting four events and speaking at a leadership conference along the way. Council Bluffs – The Gathering Room The day started early, with the first event in Council Bluffs kicking off […]

Poll Shows Rural Voters Back More Centrist Approach, Biofuel Support

Rural Democrats are looking to support a presidential candidate who will focus on their communities and invigorate the renewable fuel industries, a poll from David Binder Research showed earlier this week. Of the 600 people surveyed in the poll, 53% report living in rural areas and small towns, and 76% self-identified as middle-class or lower in socioeconomic standing. The recent poll, which shows Elizabeth Warren leading amongst the sample, reflected the older, whiter electorate, even among Iowa Democrats: 95% of respondents identified as white and 85% of them being over the age of 35. Amongst the group, 62% said they […]