Clinton’s Iowa Caucus Win Looks More Impressive In Retrospect

The Clinton campaign celebrated their Iowa Caucus victory back on February 1st, but they had certainly hoped for a larger margin. Nearly two months later, however, that win is looking better and better after a string of blowout defeats to Bernie Sanders in other caucus states. Sanders finally made up a bit of the delegate gap between him and Clinton on Saturday with large margins of victories in the Washington (73%), Alaska (82%) and Hawaii (70%) caucuses. He still faces a nearly insurmountable task in overtaking Clinton’s national lead, but it was yet another day in which caucus states gave the […]

Iowa’s Not Over Yet: Fight For Delegates Continues At County Conventions

Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans on passing out buttons celebrating their candidate’s glass ceiling-breaking win in the Iowa Caucus at the party’s county conventions this Saturday. But to ensure that narrow record-setting victory Clinton achieved back on February 1 sticks, her supporters will need to turn out for the March 12 county conventions tomorrow for the next step in Iowa’s delegate process. Thanks to the closeness of the final results, Bernie Sanders has a good chance of picking up an extra national delegate. All 99 Democratic and Republican county parties will hold conventions on Saturday to bring together the county-level delegates […]

Sanders Wins Nebraska Caucus, Clinton’s Absentees Keeps It Close On Delegates

Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Caucus on Saturday, defeating Hillary Clinton here 57% to 43% with 9% of locations reporting. It was a much-needed win that should buoy Sanders’ supporters as the nominating race stretches on as a fight for delegates. While it was a commanding victory for Sanders in the Cornhusker state, it wasn’t quite enough to rack up lopsided delegate wins. Sanders won by about 8% in the 2nd Congressional District (Omaha), which meant he and Clinton got a 3-3 split there. Sanders did, however, get a 3-2 split in the 3rd District in Western Nebraska. Overall, Sanders came […]

Is Hillary Clinton The Democrats’ Nominee Now? Eh… Pretty Much

With sweeping victories in 8 of the 12 Super Tuesday contests, Hillary Clinton has built up a nearly insurmountable delegate lead that Bernie Sanders simply cannot catch. At this point she is essentially the Democrats’ nominee for all intents and purposes. But Sanders’ wins in four states, including ones with comfortable margins in both Colorado and Minnesota, could predict future problems for Clinton in important Midwestern and Western states and give him plenty of reason to stay in. In a complete reversal from her damaging Super Tuesday showing in 2008 where Barack Obama racked up large delegate margins in smaller […]

The Battle For March: Previewing The Kansas Caucus

With the South Carolina primary complete, the first four primary and caucus states are finally done for Democrats. Now eyes turn to the Super Tuesday states, but a collection of contests a few days later on March 5th could mark a Bernie Sanders comeback or solidify Hilary Clinton’s delegate dominance. The Kansas Caucus offers an opportunity for Sanders to notch another statewide win in his belt with the state’s largely white demographics and caucus format that in theory benefits a progressive challenger. Clinton’s team, even after their large South Carolina win, is taking nothing for granted and is looking to win […]

Kansas Caucus: How The Heck Do You Organize A 14-County Caucus?

There are some liberals in southwestern Kansas, including those in a place actually named Liberal, the Kansas town on the Oklahoma border with a majority Hispanic population and the self-appointed home of Dorothy. But for the Liberal liberals who want to make an impact in the Democratic nomination race, they’ll have to leave early on March 5th to drive the hour and a half to their caucus site in Dodge City. Many Democrats living in the western half of the state face long drives next Saturday afternoon because Kansas Democrats organize their caucuses by senate districts, of which there are 40 in the […]

Dear Clinton Backers: For The Love Of God, Don’t Talk About Superdelegates

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9 Hillary Clinton loses big in one of the first two states? Check. Her opponent is an outsider to her left who builds a youthful movement to overwhelm Clinton’s establishment support? Check. Clinton’s message is one of pragmatism and realism versus optimism and change/revolution? Check. Oh, and just for good measure, we’re talking about the Iraq War vote? Check. We’ve seen this movie before. And since most of the same storyline is playing out once again in 2016 as […]

The Fascinating Flip In Clinton’s Iowa Support From 2008

I was excited when I saw Hillary Clinton’s final Iowa schedule. Sunday, her last day of full campaigning in the state, took her through Western Iowa, her stronghold of support from 2008. It was where I worked for her in 2008 in Council Bluffs, so I thought it would be a nice bit of nostalgia to follow along on the trip. But I was surprised at what I saw. The turnouts in Council Bluffs and Sioux City just a day before the caucus were okay, but nothing special. About 600 showed up in Council Bluffs, a place where Clinton drew […]

Hillary Clinton Takes The Iowa Caucus In Narrow Win

It took until the wee hours of the early morning, but at 2:27 AM the Iowa Democratic Party released a statement on the “historically close” results of the 2016 Iowa Caucus. Hillary Clinton had taken the lead and won the caucus with 699.57 state delegate equivalents, with Bernie Sanders totaling 695.49 state delegate equivalents. Martin O’Malley, interestingly enough, made up more than the spread with a small 7.68 state delegate equivalents. Democrats claimed a turnout of 171,109 across the state, and reports from dozens of precincts saw massive lines and volunteers running out of voter registration forms. The wave of […]

Once More Unto The Breach Goes Hillary Clinton

In many ways, it feels like 2008 all over again. Despite a seemingly-insurmountable early lead, Hillary Clinton finds herself in a neck-and-neck race. An exciting, upstart Senator campaigning upon optimism and change challenges her from her left. And the choice has boiled down once again for Democrats as hope versus pragmatism. But Clinton is not simply repeating the core elements of her 2008 message, she’s embracing it. For better or for worse, she is the personification of the kind of hard-fought, deal-making legislating method that her supporters hail as the only way to make meaningful progress, and that her opponents […]