“I Would Still Have My Daughter” If Not For Health Cost Fears

In her early twenties, Seana O’Reilly set out on a move to Paradise, California, far away from her home of Turin, Iowa, a tiny town on the western side of the state.. A new adventure brought opportunity for change and a new level of autonomy. As is the case with many young adults, O’Reilly was hesitant to seek medical care, fearing the high costs. Even when her mother, Chere Fox-O’Reilly, noticed a drastic weight change in her daughter and urged her to see a doctor, O’Reilly didn’t want to take the financial risk. “She just kept getting thinner and thinner […]

Health Care Industry Spending Millions in Iowa to Preserve Profits

While Democratic candidates pitch their plans on improving America’s health care system to Iowans, three dark-money groups are blanketing the Iowa airwaves with attacks ads on those reforms and similar issues. Aligned with the health care industry, they are airing ads against Medicare for All and other progressive health care legislation, spending over $1 million in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids media market alone in just the month of August. Despite having different particular goals, the ads of each group have a similar tone — changing the health care system will hurt patients. This flies in the face of […]