First Critical Ad Up In 3rd District Primary, Other Hits Surface

Just mid-last week, the campaigns of Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan were discussing a pledge to keep things positive for the remainder of the 3rd District primary. Whatever loose agreement they constructed quickly went out the window at the 3rd District debate last Wednesday, though the criticisms there of each other were relatively light. Democrats in the Des Moines/Council Bluffs district have wondered for a while if the candidates would begin criticizing each other, given that some believe that Sherzan and Mowrer could end up in a very tight race on election night. Today, however, the 3rd District race has moved into […]

A Day On The Trail With Desmund Adams

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Desmund Adams was on the road again. This day he was headed west, to campaign stops in Adair County and Council Bluffs. Adams, one of three Democratic candidates in the 3rd District primary, has logged a lot of miles during his campaign across the district’s 16 counties, meeting Democratic organizations, small town reporters, and community leaders for the past year. It’s earned him a number of endorsements from elected officials and local leaders, and gotten his name out to grass-top Democratic activists. The retail-heavy focus has been an intentional strategy from Adams, but also a […]

Here’s How Each 3rd District Democrat Made Their Pitch To Beat David Young

The Johnston and Urbandale Democrats hosted the three hopefuls looking to take on David Young – Desmund Adams, Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan – for the Des Moines/Council Bluffs-based 3rd District. About four dozen local Democrats filled the seats at the Johnston Public Library, well-fed that evening with a large bounty of cookies from local volunteers. Local State House candidate Maridith Morris and State Senate candidate Miyoko Hikiji gave their campaign pitches before the forum kicked off. Tornadoes to the southwest of Des Moines threatened to possibly cut the night short, but the most severe weather held off (thankfully, as […]

Jim Mowrer Launches 3rd District Run

Democrats now have two candidates in the 3rd District Congressional race to oust Republican David Young. Jim Mowrer announced this morning he’s launching his own candidacy for the seat, having previously run last year against Steve King. “With encouragement from folks across the district, family and friends, I am proud and enthusiastic to announce my campaign for the 3rd Congressional District,” said Mowrer in a press release. “Congress isn’t working. What we need is leadership willing to put Iowa’s middle class before parties and politics – that’s exactly why I’m running and what I’ll do.” In an interview with the […]

Desmund Adams Launches 3rd District Bid for New Leadership

Democrats got their first announced candidate for the 3rd District on Monday morning as Desmund Adams officially launched his campaign. Criticizing what he called the “Do-Nothing Congress,” Adams offered up his own personal upbringing and his experience in the business world as a way to bring new leadership to the office Republican David Young currently holds. “I’m running because of intellectually disingenuous leadership,” Adams said. “I’m running because I want to make Iowa a better place for my kids and for yours” Adams recounted his life story of how his father left while he was young, he dropped out of […]

Monday Power Ranking: 3rd District – Democrats

So does anyone want to beat David Young, or what? The Democratic field has been excruciatingly slow to develop for the 3rd District, frustrating the DCCC (or so we hear). Many insiders worry that if Young wins his first reelection, he could be there for life (Starting Line does not subscribe to this theory in the slightest). So what’s the hang-up? Only Desmund Adams has taken real steps to forming a campaign. Nick Kleinfeldt, the U.S. Attorney for Iowa’s southern district, was supposedly a DCCC preferred recruit, but he seems to have taken a pass for now. Nor does Nathan […]

Rumor Roundup: Ravi Patel’s Super PAC, Webb’s Loss, Adams In, Bertrand for Governor

We hear all kinds of interesting things here at Starting Line, and figured it was about time for another fun Rumor Roundup. Here’s the latest political chatter making its way around Iowa: Super PACs Coming in 1st District Primary All the cool kids these days are getting their own Super PACs. Starting Line hears that the initial stages of setting up a Super PAC for Ravi Patel, Democratic candidate in the 1st District, is underway. Jeff Link, Bruce Braley’s top strategist from the Senate campaign, is rumored to head up the effort. A number of firms in D.C. are reportedly […]

Sizing Up the 3rd District Race: Which Democrats Will Run?

While the race for the Iowa’s Democratic-leaning 1st Congressional District has captured headlines and excitement recently, the race for the 3rd District has been a quieter affair. That won’t last for long, as multiple Democrats are considering a challenge to freshman incumbent Republican David Young. The 3rd district contains 164,642 registered Republicans compared to 153,230 Democrats, along with another 162,163 No Party voters. Democrats path to victory will be a hard-fought one, and several names have emerged. How will they stack up in a Democratic primary? The Front Runner State Senator Matt McCoy has long eyed a run for higher […]