Boy, Sure Would Be Nice If Democrats Got To Debate Like That

It was an exercise in endurance slogging through the three-hour GOP debate last night, but no one could possibly look away. The Republican debates this year have quickly become must-watch TV, drawing in record audiences. The viewership from last night is estimated at 22.9 million, “NFL-level ratings” as they’re calling it, CNN’s most-watched program ever. It’s not hard to see why. Besides the crazy entertainment factor Donald Trump has brought to the race, the first debate had a huge impact on several candidates’ rises and falls. This one was no different. Carly Fiorina’s star rose ever higher with a commanding […]

Protests Disrupt Final Day of State Fair Speeches

Speaking on a Saturday at the State Fair usually ensures a good-sized audience to listen to you as the high weekend attendance helps bring in some on-lookers. It also, however, seems to be a prime day for organized protests. The first three Soapbox speakers on Saturday – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal – all faced loud and sometimes raucous protests. As always, Starting Line was nearby (and am a little sad it was my last day at the Fair). Here’s how the craziness unfolded: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz The divisiveness of the DNC’s mandated debate schedule was on full display […]