Democrats Keep Up Pressure On David Young’s “Vote-Switching Scandal”

Democrats in Iowa are working to make sure that voters don’t forget about David Young’s recent votes on LGBT protections in defense and energy spending bills. The first-term Congressman in the 3rd District is seen as potentially vulnerable this November, and any high-profile misstep could tarnish the little-known Young. At a 3rd District Democratic debate last night, Desmund Adams repeatedly referred to Young as “Congressman Flip-Flop.” Mike Sherzan blasted Young last week as “voting for discrimination.” Another one of Young’s potential Democratic opponents, Jim Mowrer, held a press conference today to drive home the point, calling it a “vote-switching scandal.” […]

Behold: The Most Pointless, Vapid Political Speech Ever, By David Young

What does David Young stand for? Who the hell knows. Two days after switching his vote at the last minute on a LGBT provision in the U.S. House after it looked like it might actually pass, Congressman Young took the stage at the Iowa Republican state convention. What followed could generously be described as the most boring, pointless, vapid political speech ever given. The first-term Congressman has kept a relatively low profile since his unique win in 2014. It’s been difficult to determine what issues and causes he really feels passionate about, or how he even stands on most key […]

David Young Just Did A Last-Minute Vote Switch On LGBT Protections

Republican Congressman David Young today voted for a measure that would have protected LGBT individuals from discrimination in government contracting. Well, until he switched his vote to a “No,” that is. Why? Because it looked like the amendment might actually pass. A amendment to a Veterans Affairs spending bill would have prevented government contracts from going to companies that discriminated against the LGBT community. That was a response to language in the original bill that would have protected companies “religious liberty,” which many thought could be used to discriminate against gay people. The original vote stood at 217 to 206 […]

Monica Vernon and Jim Mowrer Outraise Incumbents Rod Blum and David Young

Iowa looks to play an important role in control over the U.S. House of Representatives this November. If 2016’s 1st Quarter fundraising reports are any indication, Republicans face some real problems in the Hawkeye State. Iowa’s two most-vulnerable incumbents, Republican first-termers Rod Blum and David Young put up smaller fundraising totals than some of their potential Democratic opponents. In Iowa’s 1st District, Monica Vernon reported raising $335,052 in the 1st Quarter. Blum raised $292,991 this quarter. This marks the fourth quarter in a row that Vernon has outraised Blum. The incumbent Republican still enjoys a cash-on-hand advantage of $1,273,400 to Vernon’s $774,631, […]

As Iowa’s Bridges Crumble, David Young Touts Highway Bill He Voted Against

A recently released study of the country’s infrastructure saw Iowa place in the top five states of structurally deficient bridges. A full 5,025 of Iowa’s 24,242 bridges are rated that way, or 21% of all of Iowa’s bridges. That’s a big concern for Iowa drivers, and many have been fighting for additional funding from Congress to help address the issue. Congress finally moved forward on it when they passed the bipartisan highway bill late last year. Iowa Congressman David Young voted against that bill. Oddly, he’s now trying to take credit for it. In several radio interviews this week, Young highlighted the five-year highway […]

GOPers Brag of Flying Flag for Ag in Hopes of Rural Vote Snag

It felt like caucus season once again this weekend with multiple likely Republican candidates and the entire national press showing up in Des Moines for the Ag Summit. Bruce Rastetter, in an obvious attempt to make himself a caucus kingmaker, hosted the event and did a Q&A with every White House hopeful, while other speakers gave prepared remarks at the podium. On the issues, there was very little disagreement outside of immigration and the Renewable Fuel Standard. All the Republicans were against EPA regulations, opposed trade with Cuba while supporting trade with China, and criticized GMO labeling. No two candidates […]