Could Chris Christie Be The Big Caucus Night Surprise?

First and second place in the Iowa Caucus appear to largely be set at this point, with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump far ahead of the rest of the Republican pack. But what about third place? That may end up as the real prize here. There’s a fascinating and competitive race right now to emerge as the establishment/moderate/electable alternative to Cruz and Trump, and the path to that lies in performing above the rest in Iowa and New Hampshire. Up to now, few of those potential candidates have committed what it takes to really win Iowa, leaving a big opening […]

Few Republicans Try To Close The Deal At Big GOP Event

The Republican Party of Iowa’s Growth And Opportunity event on Saturday was meant as a sort of replacement for the Iowa Straw Poll, and judging from many of the candidates’ speeches you’d think they were still in that August mindset. Few of the White House hopefuls deviated from their typical stump speeches. Despite being a mere three months from the Iowa Caucus, many contenders’ pitches remain in the introductory stage. That seemed odd considering most of the 2,000 attendees at the event were involved party activists who have seen all of these people at events or watched them online. The […]

Protests Disrupt Final Day of State Fair Speeches

Speaking on a Saturday at the State Fair usually ensures a good-sized audience to listen to you as the high weekend attendance helps bring in some on-lookers. It also, however, seems to be a prime day for organized protests. The first three Soapbox speakers on Saturday – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal – all faced loud and sometimes raucous protests. As always, Starting Line was nearby (and am a little sad it was my last day at the Fair). Here’s how the craziness unfolded: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz The divisiveness of the DNC’s mandated debate schedule was on full display […]

The Republican Bachelor – Who’s In Iowa for the Right Reasons?

Just as the Republican presidential race heats up in Iowa, the state’s own Chris Soules will be ending his much-hyped run on ABC’s The Bachelor. Sorry to disappoint, Democratic ladies, but Chris is a big Republican. He’s already met several of the presidential hopefuls, and Starting Line strongly believes that Chris will publicly endorse in the Iowa Caucus. Don’t discount him as just some reality TV star. He’s the most popular leading man The Bachelor has had in years, particularly in his native Iowa. An endorsement could grab attention from a large base of young people who aren’t typically engaged […]

It’s All About That Base for Speakers at Steve King Summit

More than 20 Republican leaders in all addressed Steve King’s Freedom Summit on Saturday, speaking to a crowd composed of the most conservative voting bloc in American politics. It was mostly what we’ve come to expect from candidates trying to appeal to what they think the far-right Fox News crowd wants to hear. The more conservative speakers all attempted to out-do each other with bombastic, red-meat zingers, insults about President Obama, and constant references to radical Islam. The very right-wing crowd ate it up. Still, while many in the audience likely left with hoarse voices from cheering so much, the […]