6 Months In: A Look At Andy McGuire’s Work As IDP Chair

The sound of metal chairs scrapping across a floor is music to Andy McGuire’s ears. That’s what she says she hears in community rooms across Iowa as extra chairs and tables are needed when more people than expected show up for Democratic organizing meetings. Six months ago today Dr. McGuire won a four-way race to become the new chair of the Iowa Democratic Party through the 2016 elections, running on a message of local party building and better party messaging. Starting Line sat down with McGuire this week for an interview, along with speaking with many Democratic insiders and activists […]

Monday Power Rankings: 2018 Governor – Democrats

Too early to talk about 2018? Never! Certainly not on Starting Line, anyway. Seriously though, forget the 2016 presidential election or the close races in the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts. Nothing will have a bigger impact on Iowa’s future than who wins the race for Governor in 2018 (though the State Senate races in 2016 will come close). Multiple top-tier potential Democratic candidates have kept their electoral powder dry by staying out of tempting Congressional races (though who wants to go to D.C. anyway?). Many have their sights set on leading the Democrats back to power in the Governor’s […]

Updated: Major Staff Shakeup at Iowa Democratic Party

Starting Line has learned that a major staff shakeup is coming at the Iowa Democratic Party. Current Executive Director Troy Price is headed out. A conference call is planned for tonight with the state central committee, where new party chair Dr. Andy McGuire will discuss the transition. The changes are currently planned to be publicly announced on Wednesday. Ben Foecke is rumored to be the odds-on replacement for the executive director spot, having already been given extra leadership responsibilities under McGuire. He has worked for Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal with the Senate Majority Fund for the past three campaign […]

10 Iowa Democrats Who Can Lead the Party Back to Power

Iowa Democrats have reason for optimism as they look to the future, despite the terrible results from the 2014 election. A crop of inspiring leaders are looking for their moment on the bigger stage. Republicans like Terry Branstad and Chuck Grassley won’t be around in office forever, but even before they depart, multiple opportunities exist for Democrats to retake power in Iowa. The potential Democratic candidates include veterans, clean energy leaders, business entrepreneurs, and young people. Even though state Republicans boast about having a deeper bench of future candidates, Democrats certainly aren’t in a “Help us Liz Mathis, you’re our […]

McGuire Wins 4-Way Race to Lead Iowa Democrats

On an unseasonably warm Saturday that felt like a spring thaw, top Democratic activists from around the state looked to shake off the cold reality of their 2014 losses and chart a new course forward to victory. The party’s state central committee met in Des Moines to choose a new state chair out of a field of four candidates. A competitive race for party chair is extremely rare, and there was intense behind-the-scenes campaigning in recent weeks to win over the 44 voting members, to the point where some members apparently stopped answering their phone. Dr. Andy McGuire touted her […]