Euro Truck Simulator 2019 Review


The euro truck simulator 2 is a simulator game which had its first edition released on 19th October 2012. The game is compatible with Windows computers, Linux OS computers, and Mac OS computers. Players playing this game can start from being a truck driver and as the player advances and eventually, he/she becomes a company manager with a fleet of trucks. There are various levels to advance depending on the player’s effort. The player can also specialize in some areas such as long-distance traveling, fragile goods transportation among many other more. There are various truck manufacturers such as DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES BENZ just to, mention a few. This will give the player a wide variety of trucks to choose from and this will play a key role in playing the game. The euro truck simulator game is most popular with simulator game lovers since the game provides an awesome feeling to the player who is playing the game.

The game was created by the SCS software company which is one of the most popular simulation game making companies. The software company has skilled developers, designers, testers, and artists who collectively contribute to the success of the complete game. Besides that, the company has won various awards such as the 2016 steam awards. They won in two categories at the steam awards where they won the best simulator PC game 2012 and the Czech’s game of the year award 2016.

New features of the euro truck simulator 2

GPS voice navigation – unlike our previous version of the euro truck simulator, this feature was added in our new version to assist the player to track their way by use of the GPS. The GPS feature services range from joking conversations to serious conversations. In addition to that, the feature has different voices ranging from popular celebrities and comedians. This feature has played a key role in improving the new version of the game. The GPS voice navigation feature can support up to fifteen worldwide known languages to make communication easier.

Online garage purchases – with this new version of the euro truck simulator, a player can purchase a garage online without having to go to the location in which the garage is being sold. This feature will help to save time for the player and it will also enable the player to acquire many garages without any struggle. All that the player needs to do is just to select the location in which he/she wants to buy the garage and select buy and the garage will be automatically be added to your company property.

Faster job generation for hired drivers – unlike the previous version of the game, this fast job generation for hired drivers feature will enable a company manager to get quick cash since the hired drivers will get jobs quickly hence no truck with a driver will be idle at any given moment. This feature has greatly improved the new version of the game.

Lots of new drivers to hire – in this new version of the game there are a lot of new drivers to hire have a vast experience, hence as a company manager, you are sure to get one of the most qualified drivers in this new version, hence you are assured of an increase in your income generation. The drivers are moreover careful while driving and therefore it rare for them to cause an accident while driving.

Emergency refueling service – a player may find a cargo that requires transportation, over a long distance and hence during the transportation, the fuel may get exhausted. There is no need to worry since with this new version there is the emergency refueling service which will cater to the needs of the driver transporting cargo over a long distance.

There are also different ETS 2 mods. Such mods include:

Vehicle improvements – these Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods allows a player to modify the vehicle the way he/she wants and this will make the player feel more comfortable while playing the game since he/she will feel in control of the game.

Traffic data improvement – this is also another mod of the new version of the euro truck simulator 2 and it helps to ease snarl-ups caused while driving. It will also make the player deliver the cargo to the required destination within the given duration of time.

Modded truck support – this is also a new mod in the game however it is inbuilt. The mod will help you in truck support and this will play a key role in enhancing your game and will give you a good feeling while playing the game.

When you mod your game you will get the awesome feeling as if you are driving a real truck. The new version has provided a wide variety of mods to choose from to thrill your game.

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