What’s your favorite Des Moines restaurant?

What’s your favorite Des Moines restaurant?

By Stacy Rounds

June 24, 2024
Food enthusiasts and culinary explorers of Des Moines, we need your help! Our city’s dining scene is once again growing and continues to offer new and exciting delights as well as old-school favorites. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a curious visitor, there’s always a new flavor waiting to be discovered in the heart of Iowa. That’s why we’re inviting you, our seasoned locals, to vote on the best restaurants for our upcoming Des Moines Food Guide.

We’re counting on you to dust off your favorite dining memories and sharpen your fork and knife. Which local dining spots have you returning for seconds (and thirds)? Where did you experience that unforgettable dish that still lingers in your dreams? Your insights and recommendations will help fellow diners navigate the culinary landscape of Des Moines, ensuring no one misses out on the city’s must-try eateries. Fill out the quick survey below and vote for the best of the best places to dine in Des Moines in 2024! Voting ends July 5.

  • Stacy Rounds

    Stacy Rounds is a writer and growth producer for Iowa Starting Line. Prior to joining the team, Stacy has worked as a writer, editor, and engagement specialist covering topics ranging from local history, disability advocacy, recreation, and food hotspots to relationships and mental health.

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