Monday Power Rankings: 2018 Governor – Democrats

Too early to talk about 2018? Never! Certainly not on Starting Line, anyway. Seriously though, forget the 2016 presidential election or the close races in the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts. Nothing will have a bigger impact on Iowa’s future than who wins the race for Governor in 2018 (though the State Senate races in 2016 will come close). Multiple top-tier potential Democratic candidates have kept their electoral powder dry by staying out of tempting Congressional races (though who wants to go to D.C. anyway?). Many have their sights set on leading the Democrats back to power in the Governor’s […]

Monday Power Ranking: 3rd District – Democrats

So does anyone want to beat David Young, or what? The Democratic field has been excruciatingly slow to develop for the 3rd District, frustrating the DCCC (or so we hear). Many insiders worry that if Young wins his first reelection, he could be there for life (Starting Line does not subscribe to this theory in the slightest). So what’s the hang-up? Only Desmund Adams has taken real steps to forming a campaign. Nick Kleinfeldt, the U.S. Attorney for Iowa’s southern district, was supposedly a DCCC preferred recruit, but he seems to have taken a pass for now. Nor does Nathan […]

Monday Power Ranking: 1st District – Democrats

Iowa’s 1st Congressional District is home to one of the most fascinating primaries in the country. With Rod Blum widely seen as the country’s most endangered Republican incumbent, Democrats are eager to retake Bruce Braley’s old seat. Here’s how we see the race shaping up right now: 1. Monica Vernon The second place finisher from 2014 and Jack Hatch’s running mate maintains her front-runner status for 2016, but just barely. Patel’s fundraising abilities won’t make this an easy race for Vernon. Fortunately for Vernon, she has the strong support of Emily’s List behind her – she was the first endorsed […]

Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Republicans

Welcome back to Starting Line’s Power Ranking series! This week we take a look at the very crowded Republican race (last week we did the Democrats). This one is obviously a lot tougher, especially figuring out how to rank 2 – 5. You could easily make the case that any of them are in 2nd place right now. Here’s how we currently think the Republicans will do in the Iowa Caucus: 1. Scott Walker The Wisconsin Governor hasn’t relinquished his early lead in many polls taken in Iowa. Walker continues to perform well at events around the state, heavily emphasizing […]

Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Democrats

Welcome to Starting Line’s newest series: Monday Power Rankings! At the beginning of each week we’ll rank the candidates’ standings in different races, cycling through a number of different Iowa contests. We’ll often visit the presidential race on the Democratic and Republican side (probably the GOP side more since they’ll have more movement), but we’ll also take a look at the primaries for the 1st and 3rd Congressional districts and look ahead to the Iowa gubernatorial primaries in 2018. We start today by looking at the Democratic field for President. (Forgive the quality of the graphic, I’m working on it.) […]