New Legislator Profile: Charlie McConkey

A passion for improving educational opportunities drives Charlie McConkey in the Statehouse. Raised by a mother with an eight-grade education working minimum wage, McConkey and his four siblings learned early on the value of hard work and determination. Born in Carter Lake, that geographical quirk of Iowa that’s essentially in Nebraska, he and his family moved to Council Bluffs, where McConkey is currently serving his first term as State Representative in House District 15. A Working Class Life McConkey’s father died early in his life, so his working mother raised the family of six herself, with McConkey’s oldest sister pitching […]

New Legislator Profile: Liz Bennett

If you’re not in the room where decisions are being made, you might not like what choices others are making for you. That’s the advice a Cornell College professor gave Liz Bennett about eight years ago. “Women your age take for granted all of the things that you have,” she recalls as the words the instructor said that lit a fire in her to get engaged in politics. Now Bennett is in the room, one that makes some of the most important decisions in the state: the Iowa House of Representatives. The 32-year-old was elected to House District 65 in […]

New Legislator Profile: Timi Brown-Powers

If any clerks, pages or other young staff at the Iowa Legislature think they could benefit from a motivational life coach, they may want to pull up a chair next to new State Representative Timi Brown-Powers of Waterloo. The positive-thinking legislator loves encouraging others to discover their own leadership potential. She sees her election as another way to continue a life’s focus of serving people in her community, this time on a larger scale. In particular, she hopes to improve services for persons with disabilities, a passion she developed early on in life. Born in California, Brown-Powers was raised in […]

New Legislator Profile: Abby Finkenauer

At an age where many young people are still figuring out their direction in life, newly-elected State Representative Abby Finkenauer walks onto the floor of the Iowa House each day with a passion and purpose unlike many others. Elected from District 99 in Dubuque, Finkenauer, a 26-year old Democrat, already looks like she belongs because she does. Having accumulated a decade of experiences in politics and government, she entered elected office well-known and well-respected among the Capitol crowd. Yet despite her uncommon early success, Finkenauer strongly believes that her journey is not overly-daunting nor too ambitious for other young Iowans […]